Custom Reports from the LeanIX store

What is the purpose of the LeanIX Store?

The LeanIX Store has three goals:

  1. To further grow the LeanIX ecosystem by driving continuous product innovation in addition to the core product.
  2. To provide partners with a platform to share their knowledge and offer their expertise.
  3. To offer customers quick access to best practice insights e.g. domain- or industry-specific, that can bring new insights into your EA landscape and inspire new ideas.

The first version of the LeanIX Store will include only free reports. LeanIX reserves the right to release reports that require an additional charge and further types of pre-built configurations such as survey-templates, data model configurations, and snapshots in the future.

Store process overview

What is a Custom Report and the Reporting Framework?

LeanIX currently offers a wide range of standard out-of-the-box reports. However, there are scenarios where more domain-specific or industry-specific reports are needed. Therefore, LeanIX allows developers to create custom reports based on the LeanIX Reporting Framework. Please see Build a Custom Report for basic guidance. For more specific information and step-by-step guidance, such as how to query data please see Custom Report - Querying Data as well as additional tutorials.

The Reporting Framework is embedded in the LeanIX application architecture and communicates with the LeanIX application via an API called the Reporting Library. This loosely coupled setup allows the developer flexibility in using their preferred language and frameworks via our REST API to create their report. The report can then be published to your workspace after a review process by the LeanIX team.

The framework comes with a set of features, such as:

  • facet filtering
  • view selection
  • tabular view of report data + Excel report
  • PDF/PNG Export
  • free choice of visualization technology

and many more to pick from, to make developing the reports even easier.

(Learn more on the core functionalities).

Step-by-step guide for Publishers

To become a Publisher on the LeanIX Store you can create and edit your own reports and go through our publishing process to make them available in the LeanIX Store.

Access the Store from your workspace

In your workspace, click on the shopping basket at the top right of the page.
You will be redirected to the store page.

Become a publisher

  1. Setup a GitLab account

We rely on as repository to manage the source code of both publicly available and privately used custom reports. Please make sure to have an account created with the same mail address as your LeanIX user before continuing.

Please note that we have to approve each report before you can publish it to a LeanIX workspace. GitLab helps us to accelerate this process by using a shared source code repository.


Get started with GitLab

In order to get started with GitLab, please follow a tutorial such as - it will help you to set your environment up according to best practices, e.g. by adding an SSH key.

  1. Click at "Become a Publisher" at the store home screen.

As a LeanIX Partner, you need to sign the Store Content Provider Agreement in order to have your publisher request approved. This contract governs topics such as ownership and intellectual property of a report. Please contact your LeanIX Partner Manager in case of questions.

As a LeanIX Customer, you can create custom reports for your own workspaces without an explicit agreement. If you want to share reports with other customers, you need to sign the Store Content Provider Agreement. Please contact your Customer Success Manager in case of questions.

Once you created a publisher request, you will receive an email with further information.

Create a new Report

As a publisher you are now able to view the Dashboard to show a list of developed Reports and statuses.

Create your first Report:

  1. Navigate to "Reports" from the menu on the left and Click "+" icon next to Reports Management
  1. Fill out and save the form with report name
  1. The newly created Report is now displayed on the list and we open after creation.

You will be able to maintain the source code in Gitlab. You can find the link to the repository in the detail view of the Report. You can also change minor details such-as description, logo, title etc.

There are three publishing modes to select from:

  1. The "Public" option allows any LeanIX customer to install the report and view the source-code.
  2. "Preview" allows a user to view a sample of the report without the ability to install it to their workspace.
  3. The "Private" option allows you to select which workspaces the report is available to. It doesn't necessarily have to be your own company's workspaces.


If you choose "Private" as your publishing mode, you need to specify the workspaces where the report should be uploaded to with their workspace id!

Start Review Process

Once you have developed the report you can ask the LeanIX Customer Success Team to begin the review process by clicking the "Submit for Review" button in the detail view of your Report.

During the review, the team will review the code and content. Technical implementation, functional suitability and licenses used are considering during this process.

You will soon receive an email whether your report was approved or if there are questions and concerns that need to be addressed.

Once published it will be available on the store based on the publishing mode selected earlier.

Creating new Report versions

You can submit new versions of your reports with enhanced features, functionality, or bug fixes. It will be subjected to the same review process as a new report and the process is identical. Please remember to raise the version number in your GitLab Project (package.json).

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