The Home tab allows you to see all the items from your To-Dos that are assigned to you as well as the Quality Seals for the Fact Sheets that you have subscribed to.

To-Dos section

The To-Dos section on the Home tab consists of:

  • Top 3 To-Dos based on their due date. The To-Dos that are most overdue will be shown on the top
  • Summary of the number of To-Dos that are Overdue, Due This Week, and Due Later
  • View the list of all To-Dos by clicking on the "Show all" button
  • Details of the To-Dos when you click on one To-Dos item. To know more about the To-Dos see here.
  • Swipe the To-Dos from left to right to close them

Quality Seals section

This section shows you the top 3 Quality Seals that need your attention. The Quality Seals that are of the status ‘Check Needed’ will be shown on the top followed by ‘Draft’ and then 'Approved'

You can see a summary of the number of Quality Seals that are of the status Check Needed, Draft, and Approved

You can click on "Show all" to see a list of all the Quality Seals

Clicking on Quality Seals shows the details of the Fact Sheet. To know more about how to update a Quality Seal see here.