Manage saved searches, reports, diagrams, and dashboards through the Pathfinder REST API.

In the context of the Pathfinder REST API, a bookmark is a data object that represents one of the following entities depending on the bookmark type: saved search, report, diagram, or dashboard.

To manage bookmarks programmatically, use the /bookmarks endpoints within the Pathfinder REST API.

Bookmark Types

The following table lists the types of bookmarks in the Pathfinder REST API and the corresponding objects in the application user interface (UI).

Bookmark Type in the APIObject in the Application UI
INVENTORYSaved search within the Inventory

When you retrieve bookmarks, the state attribute in the response contains the bookmark data. The content of the state attribute varies depending on the type of bookmark.



Sharing data through the Open Data Protocol (OData) is only supported for bookmarks of the INVENTORY type. OData is not supported for other types of bookmarks.