Learn how to manage your surveys using the Poll REST API.

Surveys allow you to collect data about your organization's enterprise architecture landscape from various stakeholders. For more information, see Surveys in the user documentation.



In the API reference and developer documentation, surveys are referred to as polls.

You can manage surveys using the Poll REST API. The API provides access to the following resources:

  • Polls: A poll is a template of a survey form that a survey creator sends out to recipients to collect the desired information for specific Fact Sheets. Each poll has a unique ID.
  • Poll runs: A poll run is an operation of sending a specific version of a survey to recipients. Each poll run has a unique ID.
  • Poll results: A poll result stores the answers of survey recipients for a specific Fact Sheet. Each Fact Sheet included in a poll run generates a poll result with a unique ID.
  • Poll templates: A poll template is a survey form with predefined questions that admin users can download to a workspace from the LeanIX Store.
See how surveys appear in the UI.

To navigate to surveys, in the administration area, select Surveys. Each survey has a unique ID.

A list of polls in the Surveys section

A List of Surveys in a Workspace

To navigate to survey runs, select a survey in the Surveys list, and then go to Status & results. Each survey run that appears in the list has a unique ID.

A list of poll runs for an example poll in the Surveys section

A List of Survey Runs for a Survey

To navigate to survey run details, on the Status & results tab, select a survey run. Each Fact Sheet in the survey run that appears on the Fact Sheets tab of the overlay generates a unique survey result ID.

A list of Fact Sheets included in a poll run

A List of Fact Sheets Included in a Survey Run