Welcome to LeanIX EAM User Documentation

Welcome to LeanIX EAM, your comprehensive Enterprise Architecture Management solution. Whether you're new to LeanIX or a seasoned user, this documentation is your go-to resource for mastering LeanIX EAM. Here's a guide to help you navigate through the essentials:

New to LeanIX EAM?

If you are new to LeanIX EAM, we recommend starting with our What is LeanIX EAM page. This introductory guide provides a comprehensive overview of LeanIX EAM's core concepts and functionalities.

In a nutshell, LeanIX EAM is a software application designed for Enterprise Architecture Management. The platform allows you to transform productivity and accelerate your business transformation by providing real-time overviews of your IT landscape and business capabilities.

Explore Use Cases

Already familiar with LeanIX EAM? Dive into our Use Cases topics to discover how LeanIX EAM can deliver quick wins for your organization. Explore practical step-by-step guides and learn how LeanIX EAM can optimize your processes.

Your First Steps with LeanIX