How to create a Technical User

Administrators can create Technical Users within the workspace Administration area, where they can also configure Roles and Permissions for these users. Upon creating a Technical User, an API token is generated, which is suitable for use in any custom integration.

Multiple administrators can collaboratively manage Technical Users by reviewing their change logs or refreshing their API tokens. Furthermore, they can adjust rights; for example, a Technical User might be granted only "Read" access. Note that admin rights are required for a Technical User to send data points to metrics on Fact Sheets.



Technical Users can be subscribed to Fact sheets for better integration building.



Technical Users are not supported in SMP.

How to create a Technical User

  1. Go to the Administration area
  2. Select Technical Users
  3. Click Create Technical User
  4. Enter their Name, Permission and specify the Expiration Date
  5. Click Save and the Technical User is created

The field "Access Control Entities" is used to map technical users to ACEs/ACLs created with the virtual workspaces. More information about ACEs here

After you click Save, the API Token is shown on your screen. As this is the only time you see this code, please save it for future reference.