LeanIX Store

The LeanIX Store has in general three goals:

  1. To further grow the LeanIX ecosystem by driving continuous product innovation in addition to the core product,
  2. To provide partners with a platform to share their knowledge and offer their expertise,
  3. And to offer customers quick access to best practice insights e.g. domain- or industry-specific, to generate value in no time

The LeanIX Store includes free and paid Reports. LeanIX reserves the right to release a paid option and further types such as survey templates, configurations, and snapshots in the future.

Login to the LeanIX Store

To log in to the LeanIX Store you first have to enter your LeanIX Workspace and click on your profile picture on the upper right side, then you can enter by clicking on Store.

Browse the LeanIX Store

In the LeanIX Store, you will be able to expand your Workspace with powerful Reports.
Simple browse through the Store and find the right extensions for you.

We also reserve the right to release other content types such as Surveys, Snapshots, or Configurations in the future as well.


Information for Member/ Viewer

If you want a report from the LeanIX Store (as a member/viewer) you have to contact your Workspace Administrator.
Only Admins are allowed to install Reports.

For Admins: Install Reports

  1. Select a Report from the Store and click on Add to Workspace
  2. Now a pop-up will be shown, asking you to agree to the Terms & Conditions of the provider. These Terms & Conditions vary depending on who the Content Provider is.
  3. Once agreed you can finish the Add to Workspace process and the Report will be added to your Workspace (the one from which you logged in to the Store).

The Report now has to be activated and made available within Reporting. (See the next section)



Reports that have been added to a Workspace cannot be added again and the Add to Workspace button is therefore disabled.

Make Reports available in your Workspace

Switch back to your Workspace.

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Click on the Reports tab on the left navigation panel. You should see the all available reports on the page. You can hover over the report list and make them visible by clicking the eye icon.

  1. Activate the report by clicking on Show report

This is what the Reports under Reports look like at the end if you have made the mentioned settings.



Please note that the newly added reports might take up to 3 minutes to properly process all your data in the workspace.

Store Process Overview

Custom Reports

LeanIX currently offers a wide range of standard out-of-the-box reports. However, there are scenarios where more domain-specific or industry-specific reports are needed. Therefore, LeanIX allows developers to create custom reports based on the LeanIX Reporting Framework.

At one point you might discover, that the standard reports are not sufficient for your use cases in the LeanIX application. At that point, you have the option to create custom reports, reports which are tailored specifically to your needs.

Once you have a LeanIX workspace, an active API token, and you know the GraphQL API, you can directly follow the tutorials to create and publish custom reports.
All you need to have is a robust understanding of JavaScript and then you are ready to start.

The Reporting Framework is embedded in the LeanIX application architecture and communicates with the LeanIX application via an API called the Reporting Library. This loosely coupled setup allows the developer flexibility in using their preferred language and frameworks via our REST API to create their report. The report can then be published to your workspace after a review process by the LeanIX team.

The framework comes with a set of features, such as:

  • facet filtering
  • view selection
  • tabular view of report data + Excel report
  • PDF/PNG Export
  • free choice of visualization technology

and many more to pick from, to make developing the reports even easier.