Explore our guides and tutorials to get inspiration for your developer journey with LeanIX.

Tailored for developers working with LeanIX, our guides and tutorials provide in-depth insights to support your development processes. Here are the most common use cases:

  • Importing and exporting data: Seamlessly import and export data to ensure consistency and completeness of information between external systems and LeanIX. Learn how to choose the right technology for your integration based on the data type and other factors.
  • Creating custom reports: Tailor your reporting to your unique needs using the LeanIX Reporting Framework and Command Line Interface (CLI). Become a publisher and upload your custom reports to the LeanIX Store.
  • Configuring automations: Set up event-driven triggers that initiate automated actions to eliminate manual tasks and processes.
  • Managing users and resources: Manage users and various resources programmatically through LeanIX APIs. Here are some examples:
    • Users: Manage users and update their permissions though the Multi-Tenancy Management (MTM) REST API.
    • Surveys: Manage surveys through the Poll REST API.
    • Bookmarks: Manage saved searches, reports, diagrams, and dashboards through the Pathfinder REST API.
  • Setting up event notifications: Set up webhooks to get real-time updates about LeanIX events.