Create and Manage Personal API Tokens



Personal API Tokens are being deprecated. Please use the Technical User functionality to create an API Token.


LeanIX provides different services which can be used via the available APIs. All APIs can be used with a common authentication. LeanIX fits well into an ecosystem of modern tools to manage the company's IT. Use our APIs or our built-in integrations to integrate LeanIX into your own environment.

Create a Personal API Token

Only admins are able to create or edit API Token. After entering the Admin area in your Workspace go to API Tokens in the Developers section.


API Section: In this section you will be able to manage your API Token


Basic Information: Basic description about what the API is doing and what technology our API is based on. Moreover, it links to the developers documentationfor detailed information iand shows the IDs of the current Workspace and User.


Create-Button: Ability to create a new API Token for the Workspace.

When creating a new API Token you are asked to set a name and an expiration date for the Token.

After saving your settings, the Token-ID will be shown once. Please make sure that you save the ID as you will not be able to see it again in full-length.


Best Practice

For saving the API Token we recommend to use a password manager. If you do nat have a password manager in use yet, you can choose one from this List.

After setting up the Token it will appear in the list of the API Tokens section.

You can now use the API Token to communicate via the defined API Endpoints. You will find more detailed information about the endpoint in our API Guide.

Manage Personal API Token

If your API Tokens expire you either have the chance to set up a new Token following the steps above or extend the expiration date of the Token in place. To do so click on the right Token from you list.

Afterward, you will be able to adapt the name and expiration date of the token.