LeanIX Store

The purpose - LeanIX Store

The LeanIX Store has in general three goals:

  1. To further grow the LeanIX ecosystem by driving continuous product innovation in addition to the core product,
  2. To provide partners with a platform to share their knowledge and offer their expertise,
  3. And to offer customers quick access to best practice insights e.g. domain- or industry-specific, to generate value in no time

The first Version of the LeanIX Store will include only free Reports. LeanIX reserves the right to release a paid option and further types such as survey-templates, configurations, and snapshots in the future.

Login to the LeanIX Store

To log in to the LeanIX Store you first have to enter your LeanIX Workspace and click on your profile picture on the upper right side, then you can enter by clicking on "Store".

Browse the LeanIX Store

In the LeanIX Store, you will be able to expand your Workspace with powerful Reports.
Simple browse through the Store and find the right extensions for you.

We also reserve the right to release other content types such as Surveys, Snapshots or Configurations in the future as well.


Information for Member/ Viewer

If you want a report from the LeanIX Store (as a member/viewer) you have to contact your Workspace Administrator.
-> Only Admins are allowed to install Reports

For Admins: Install Reports

  1. Select a Report from the Store and click on "Add to Workspace"
  2. Now a pop-up will be shown, asking you to agree to the Terms & Conditions of the provider. These Terms & Conditions vary depending on who the Content Provider is.
  3. Once agreed you can finish the "Add to Workspace" process and the Report will be added to your Workspace (the one from which you logged in to the Store).

The Report now has to be activated and made available within Reporting. (See the next section)



Reports that have been added to a Workspace cannot be added again and the "Add to Workspace" button is therefore disabled.

Make Reports available in your Workspace

Switch back to your Workspace.

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Scroll down to "Developers"
    3a. Open "Reports" - You can activate the ReportSelect, where the Report should be displayed in the Report menu

3b. You can decide, if you would prefer to ´hide´ or ´show´ a Report by (de-)/selecting the eye symbol


Select a Report menu / Changing the Report order

Select a Report menu
Only Customers with Configuration Feature can select a Report menu category where the Report will be displayed
Without Configuration Feature, all Reports will be displayed in the Custom category

Changing the Reports Order
Admins can change the order of the Reports inside of "Custom"

  1. You need to deactivate all your reports in the admin area
  2. activate the reports in the order you want them to appear in

This is how the Reports under "Reports" look like at the end if you have made the mentioned settings.

Adding Report to the Store not possible?

In the store area you can add reports to the admin area via "add to Workpsace".

If this is not possible, the report is most likely already available in the workspace.
The following message will appear: "You already added this to this asset to Workspace"

Solution: Have a look in the admin area under "Reports" to see if the report already exists. If not, please contact [email protected]

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