Technical Users

How to create a Technical User

Administrators are able to create Technical Users in the workspace Administration area, and select their Role and Permissions. Upon creation of the Technical User, the Admin receives an API token which can be used in any custom integration.

Multiple Admins are able to collaboratively manage Technical Users (e.g. review their change-log or refresh their API tokens) and their rights (e.g. the Technical User only has "Read" access).



Technical Users can be subscribed to Fact sheets for better integration building.



At this time, Technical Users can be used exclusively with the Integration, Webhooks and the GraphQL API. They cannot be utilized with the other available REST APIs.

How to create a Technical User

  1. Go to the Administration area
  2. Select Technical Users
  3. Click Create Technical User
  4. Enter their Name, Permission and specify the Expiration Date
  5. Click Save and the Technical User is created

The field "Access Control Entities" is used to map technical users to ACEs/ACLs created with the virtual workspaces. More information about ACEs here

After you click Save, the API Token is shown on your screen. As this is the only time you see this code, please save it for future reference.


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