As a publisher you are now able to view the Dashboard to show a list of developed Reports and statuses.

Create your first Report

  1. Navigate to "Reports" from the menu on the left and Click "+" icon next to Reports Management

  1. Fill out and save the form with report name

It will create a Gitlab Project link in your repository with the Gitlab account shared while requesting publisher access.

  1. The newly created Report is now displayed on the list and we open after creation.

You will be able to maintain the source code in Gitlab. You can find the link to the repository in the detail view of the Report. You can also change minor details such-as description, logo, title etc.

There are three publishing modes to select from:

  1. The "Public" option allows any LeanIX customer to install the report and view the source-code.
  2. "Preview" allows a user to view a sample of the report without the ability to install it to their workspace.
  3. The "Private" option allows you to select which workspaces the report is available to. It doesn't necessarily have to be your own company's workspaces.


Publishing Mode

If you choose "Private" as your publishing mode, you need to specify the workspaces where the report should be uploaded to with their workspace id!

Start Review Process

Once you have developed the report you can ask the LeanIX Customer Success Team to begin the review process by saving and clicking the "Submit for Review" button in the detail view of your Report.


Review Note

Please ensure to have the final working code in Develop Branch before submitting for Review.

During the review, the team will review the code and content. Technical implementation, functional suitability and licenses used are considering during this process.

You will soon receive an email whether your report was approved or if there are questions and concerns that need to be addressed.

Once published it will be available on the store based on the publishing mode selected earlier.

Creating new Report versions

Once the report is published, navigate to "Published Reports" and use "Create New Version" button to create new report versions. You can submit new versions of your reports with enhanced features, functionality, or bug fixes. It will be subjected to the same review process as a new report and the process is identical. Please remember to raise the version number in your GitLab Project (package.json file), else it may cause errors while adding the new version to the workspace.