Filter by fields on relations


A new drop-down in the filter sidebar provides filters by fields on relations in the inventory, reports, and diagrams. Both default fields on relations (e.g., 'Functional fit' on the relation between Application and User Group) and custom fields are supported. Users can combine multiple filter values in one search.


Per default, the following example queries are now possible in the inventory:

  • All Applications owned by User Group "France”
  • All Applications where "HR" is the Leading Business Capability
  • All Applications where Data Object "Customer" is created or updated
  • All IT Components which are approved for Tech Category "Middleware”

Filtering for fields on relations is not available within 'Advanced Search' but can be combined.

If a field is not available in the relation filters in the sidebar, it is not configured to be shown. This can be changed per field on a relation in Fact Sheet type configuration by activating 'Show in filters'. The two types 'SINGLE_SELECT' (e.g. Functional Fit) and 'MULTIPLE_SELECT' (e.g. CRUD-Type) and supported in the Configuration.


How to use relation field filters

The drop-down displayed below is shown in the filter sidebar for relation filters where at least one field on the relation is configured to be shown in filters.


It works similarly to the “Subscription type/role filter” drop-down.

Selecting relation field values to filter by

By clicking on the drop-down you will see groups of fields on the relation containing the existing field values. Select a field value to filter by clicking on it.


Now the form will look like this


The relation field name is shown while hovering the dropdown

Filtering by multiple field values simultaneously

You can select multiple field values to filter by on a relation field. Then you will see Fact Sheets in the result where at least one of these values is assigned on this relation field.


Removing a relation field filter

Press the “x” inside of a relation field filter dropdown to remove the filter.


Filtering by multiple relation fields simultaneously

You can select multiple relation field filters at the same time by pressing the “+ Add relation field” button.


With multiple fields being selected, each field gets its own dropdown

When there are no more fields available to filter, no “+ Add relation field” button is shown.

Changing between “inclusive” and “exclusive” filter mode

By clicking the wrench icon in the top right of the relation filter while a relation field is selected, you can switch between “inclusive” and “exclusive” filter modes.


Combining advanced and relation field filters

You can select an advanced filter in combination with relation field filters.


Configuring single- / multi-selects to be shown in relation filters

If a single- / multi-select relation field is not available in the relation filters in the filter sidebar, it is due to it not being configured to be shown there.

This can be changed per relation field in Self-Configuration:



Circumstances of consistent filtering

Please consider the filter logic in LeanIX when interpreting the results!