LeanIX for Application and Business Owners

Documenting an organization's IT landscape is a collaborative effort, and Application and Business Owners play an important role. They usually don't work with LeanIX on a day-to-day basis. Still, their contribution is key for capturing the entire application landscape and helping their organization to get full transparency of their enterprise architecture, leading to better business outcomes. They ensure the Application Fact Sheets contain accurate and up-to-date information by updating relevant attributes, dependencies, and relationships. Features like Fact Sheet Completeness and Quality Seal help track data quality and completeness, as the accuracy of the analysis depends on the sufficiency of your data quality.

  • Application Owners are typically subscribed as Responsible in LeanIX (subscribed to Application Fact Sheets) and have the user role Member, which means that they actively participate in the content creation and updates of the Fact Sheet. The Application Owner is the one responsible for the Application and is usually part of the department that uses the Application most. The Application Owner is held accountable for budget and E2E processes.
  • Business Owners are typically subscribed as Accountable in LeanIX. This is an optional role that can be set by the LeanIX admins. Business Owners own the business process that leverages applications. They typically assess the Functional Fit of an application in LeanIX.

As an Application or Business owner, you should be aware of the following LeanIX EAM features that support collaboration with your organization's enterprise architects.

  1. Comments: The Comments tab is available on all Fact Sheets. You can leave a comment on a Fact Sheet. The responsible person, typically the subscribed user, will be promptly notified. This allows you to propose updates or seek clarification without directly altering the content of the Fact Sheet. This feature is beneficial for the Application and Business owners because the enterprise architect can specifically request support from the owners without overwhelming them with too much information.
  2. Survey: Similar to Comments, with Survey, your participation can be directly focussed on completing a particular Fact Sheet. The administrator, in this case, the Enterprise Architect, can send a Survey that you need to complete directly in the Application Fact Sheet.
  3. Quality Seal: This is a useful tool on the top right of every Fact Sheet in LeanIX that combines collaborative editing with a clear responsibility and governance process. It assigns accountability to the responsible or accountable user to approve the quality of a Fact Sheet whenever other users make a change to it. As an Application Owner, you can be the responsible person to ensure the quality of an Application Fact Sheet.