SAP Landscape Discovery

The SAP landscape discovery feature in LeanIX discovers SAP services and systems, helping you build a comprehensive view of SAP landscape in your inventory. Discovered services can be linked to fact sheets, ensuring continuous updates on the linked application fact sheets.


The SAP landscape discovery feature in LeanIX provides an automated method for gathering data about your organization's SAP systems and services directly from SAP. It helps you gain a comprehensive view of your as-is SAP landscape, reducing manual efforts, eliminating blindspots, and improving data quality about your SAP systems in use today. This accelerates the discovery and exploration phases for ERP transformations and enables a smoother, more automated update of the application landscape as it changes.



Currently, discovery focuses on cloud-based services, with plans to include on-premises systems in the future. Check our product roadmap for more detail - SAP On-Premise Application Landscape Discovery.

The SAP landscape discovery discovers your SAP cloud products and lists them in the SAP Landscape Discovery Inbox. In the inbox, you can link the discovered items to existing fact sheets or create and link new fact sheets.

When you link a discovered item to an application fact sheet, the corresponding SaaS catalog and lifecycle catalog items are also automatically linked to that fact sheet, provided that an appropriate SaaS catalog and lifecycle catalog item exists for the fact sheet.

This linking ensures that information from the catalogs is automatically synced and continuously updated on the linked application fact sheet, along with underlying IT component and provider fact sheets. The specific information updated depends on the configurations you have made for the catalogs. To learn more, see SaaS Catalog and Lifecycle Catalog.



Names and descriptions of existing fact sheets may get overwritten based on the catalog settings. We recommend not syncing the name and description from the catalog to existing application fact sheets. The names and descriptions in your fact sheets are likely tailored to your specific use, while the catalog content is product-level and not customized to your unique needs.



Services and systems that are not modeled as applications according to our modeling best practices are automatically skipped and not listed in the SAP discovery inbox. To learn more about SAP application modeling, see SAP Modeling Best Practices.


Organizations need full transparency into their SAP landscape to effectively prepare and execute transformation initiatives. The key benefits of SAP landscape discovery are:

  • Gain comprehensive insight into the current SAP ecosystem (currently all cloud services).
  • Reduce the time and effort required to collect and maintain SAP landscape information by creating and linking fact sheets in line with our SAP Modeling Best Practices.
  • Where applicable, the fact sheets will also receive corresponding application and lifecycle catalog links



Lifecycle catalog linking is currently only available for customers using SAP LeanIX Technology Risk and Compliance.

  • Continuous discovery of your SAP landscape ensures the information is up-to-date.
  • Accurate information to evaluate your current architecture and identify dependencies and risks.
  • Make well-informed decisions on application rationalization, modernization, and ERP transformation initiatives.

Detailed Guides

SAP landscape discovery, on a high level, involves two aspects: