Password Rules

LeanIX offers two possibilities concerning password rules, namely regular and strict. Below, please, find the password rules.



Changing the password rules for your Workspace is not a self-service feature. Please, contact LeanIX Support to adapt the password rules.

Regular Password Rules

The password must contain at least two elements of the following character groups:

a. Lowercase letter (a ... z)

b. Capital letter (A ... Z)

c. Numerical value (0 ... 9)

d. Special characters (!, ", $, ...)

Strict Password Rules

a. Password validity 180 days

b. The last five passwords are not usable

c. Minimum length: eight characters

d. Contains characters from at least three of the following character groups:

  • Capital letters (A ... Z)

  • Lowercase letters (a ... z)

  • Numerical value (0 ... 9)

  • Special characters (!, ", $, ...)

e. Maximum one password change per day