Advanced Settings

Overview of the Advanced Settings category in the administration area.

The Advanced Settings category in the administration area includes sections listed in the following table.

SectionDescriptionAdditional Information
AutomationsNo-code automations enable you to configure automated event-based actions.Automations
CollectionsCollections enable you to group reports and diagrams according to your own custom structure in addition to the type and personal usage collections you’re used to.Collections
ExportExport of workspace snapshots as well as the export history.Export
KPIsKPIs based on the workspace data that you can preview in dashboards, including default and custom KPIs.KPIs
Notifications CenterConfiguration of notifications for a workspace.Notifications Center
Optional Features & Early AccessFeatures available on an opt-in basis that you can use, test, and provide feedback on.- LeanIX Architecture and Road Map Planning
- Objective
- Store Resources on Fact Sheets
- AI Capabilities
- Optional Features: ESG Capability Fact Sheet
PortalsConfiguration of self-service portals that enable you to grant access to specific information to users without inviting them to your workspace.Portals
ReportsReports downloaded from the LeanIX Store.Downloading Reports from the LeanIX Store
SurveysConfiguration of surveys that enable you to collect information from stakeholders.Surveys
To-DosOverview of to-dos that enable you to assign tasks to users.To-Dos