Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Get up-to-date overviews of your IT environment by leveraging the following native integrations with LeanIX.

LeanIX provides various Out-of-the-Box Integrations to help you effortlessly bring data into LeanIX. These integrations ensure to fill your repository with meaningful data and keep it up to date via automated means with minimal configuration efforts.

Our documentation provides an overview and tutorials on our available Out-of-the-Box Integrations and enables you to activate the integrations yourself and leverage the benefits!

Available Out-of-the-Box Integrations and benefits

Out-of-the-Box IntegrationKey benefit
SAP Signavio Integration

Leverage data from Signavio Business Process Management for even better IT and business alignment and informed decisions to drive your transformation agenda! This integration will e.g., automatically update Process Fact Sheets in LeanIX and you can create reports to show relations between Business Capabilities and Processes.
ServiceNow Integration

With this powerful integration, you can populate your tech stack data from ServiceNow automatically to get a real-time control and view of technology risks and technology standards in LeanIX.
Apptio Integration

Get financial information on Tech costs automatically into LeanIX and facilitate use cases such as Application Rationalization, Application Modernization & Cloud Migration, and Technology Risk Management.
Lucidchart Integration

Share your diagrams between Lucidchart and LeanIX.
Confluence Integration

With the Confluence Macro, you can use the full potential of your LeanIX Reports and Fact Sheets right inside your Confluence pages. It’s like a ‘window’ to LeanIX that gives easy access to specific views (e.g., current technology risks) for your business owners that are always up to date.
Jira Software Integration

This integration allows linking Jira Tickets easily to Fact Sheets in LeanIX.
OData Integration

This integration allows exporting your data into PowerBI and Tableau.
Collibra Integration

The integration synchronizes data assets from Collibra Data Catalog to Data Objects Fact Sheets in LeanIX, maps responsible owners, links application and technology assets, and also maps Application Fact Sheets from LeanIX to Technology Assets in Collibra Data Catalog.

How to activate an Out-of-the-Box Integration

Step 1: Go to the Administration area

Step 2: Select Integrations in the left-hand panel. Here you have the possibility to configure and activate all available integrations for your LeanIX workspace.

Step 3: You either choose Activate or Configure depending on the type of integration.