Subscription Roles

Define / Manage the roles used for subscription

Only Admins can see this page and can create new Roles for their users.

To add another subscription role simply open the Subscription Roles tab in the admin area and click on New Subscription Role:



Best Practice

Please use the Subscriber's email address associated with their workspace account to assign and/or update Subscribers via Excel import.

In the Subscription Role, you can define Name, Subscription Type, assign the role to one or all Fact Sheets, and provide a short description.



Mainly, Subscription Roles show the relevant governance of your own organization on a 1:1 basis. This enables you to subscribe people with clear roles as they occur in your organization. Even if you want to subscribe people to a Fact Sheet that are not using LeanIX you can subscribe them (e.g. business contact). The feature of subscribing people is the main driver to include the right players and push LeanIX usage throughout the company.

Choose a subscription Role (possible for Member and Viewer)

A subscription role simply needs a name, a type, and a description. Its applicability can optionally be focused on a certain Fact Sheet type as it makes sense (e.g., Application Owner = applicable for Applications only)

The total set of subscription roles is not limited since you can add individual roles at any time. Per default, the roles Responsible and Observer are activated. The role Accountable can be added in Settings.

Your defined set of subscription roles will now be available as a drop-down when subscribing new users to a Fact Sheet.


From the same dialog, you can also set multiple roles for the same people at the same time. For example, a Responsible person for an application can have the role of a Business Owner and the Application Owner. To assign multiple roles for the same user, you can click the Add Role button and add the respective role.


Deleting Subscription Roles

If you want to delete a subscription role, first make sure that none of your users still have that subscription role, and it's not related to a Fact Sheet (including archived Fact Sheets).

If you archive users who still have roles e.g. Responsible in a Fact Sheet, you can use the Subscriptions Management Report to see an overview of all archived users. This report is available in the LeanIX Store.

How to update a Subscription Role from Type "All" to "Responsible"

Subscription Types Overview

The Subscription Type is a way to categorize Subscription Roles. The type that you define has a direct impact when adding/updating subscription information. The broadest Subscription Type is All. This means that the Subscription Role (example of a role is Application Portfolio Owner) you are creating will be available within the Edit Subscription mode for All Types (i.e Responsible), in addition to Observer and any other types you have defined, such as Accountable.

Note that in the example below, the Role of Application Portfolio Owner is not available in the drop-down menu when type Observer is set. This is because the role of Application Portfolio Owner is defined as type Responsible in Administration > Subscription Role


Adding a user as a subscriber to a Fact Sheet. "Application Portfolio Owner" is not available when Type is set as Observer. Due to how the Subscription Role is defined in the Administration > Subscription Role

Subscription Role Type Responsible

There are times where it may make sense to restrict a Subscription Role to a particular type. Let's take the example role of Application Portfolio Owner. In this case - depending on your organization's definition -, it is possible that the Application Portfolio Owner should be restricted so that the only type that can be associated to it is Responsible. In which case when creating the Subscription Role, Type should be set to Responsible.

Let's take this example further. Perhaps, when you first implemented the Subscription Role Application Portfolio Owner, you set the Type to All. Later on in the implementation, the decision is made to update the Subscription Role so that it is restricted to Responsible.

If you have any users associated as Application Portfolio Owner Type Observer and/or Accountable, you will receive an error in the Administration when trying to update from All to Responsible. In order to resolve this issue, you will first need to delete all users who are associated as an Application Portfolio Owner with a Types Observer and Accountable, delete all Types (under Application Portfolio Owner) that are not Application Portfolio Owner Type Responsible.

How to update a Subscription Role from Type All to Type Responsible

1. Using the Inventory Table view, select one Fact Sheet Type at a time, for example Application. Create an export of all of the Application Fact Sheets that have a Subscription Role of Application Portfolio Owner Type Observer and Accountable (if you have Accountable). The rule here is to select All Types associated to the Application Portfolio Owner Subscription Role, except Responsible.

2. Download and open the export. The goal is to remove all users who are associated as an Application Portfolio Owner with a Type that is not Responsible, i.e. Observer and Accountable (if Accountable is a Type you are using). Complete this step in the Excel sheet. You may want to keep a copy of the original state prior to making any edits to subscriptions. If that is the case please take the opportunity to do so.

Once you have deleted all of the users under the columns of Application Portfolio Owner type Observer and type Accountable, you may then use the import functionality to upload your changes.

3. In certain cases you may want to move users from Application Portfolio Owner type Observer and Accountable, to type Responsible. This is instead of simply deleting them. In other words, continuing with this example, you may like all or some of the users currently associated as Application Portfolio Owner type Observer and Accountable, set to type Responsible.

In this case, copy all of the users that you would let to be set from Observer or Accountable, to Responsible, and paste them over to the Application Portfolio Owner type Responsible column. Once finished, make sure that you remove all users from the Observer and Accountable columns, and import once you are ready to make the changes.

4. Follow the same procedure for all of your Archived (deleted) Fact Sheets. Scroll down in the inventory filter and select Archived.



If the Trash Bin is not visible in the Filter facet, you need to first go to Manage Filter at the bottom of Filter facet and select the Trash Bin to be shown.

5. The last step is to access the Subscription Role you would like updated from All to Responsible, and simply change the Type field from All To Responsible, then Save.