LeanIX App for Microsoft Teams

Setting up LeanIX App for Microsoft Teams


The LeanIX App for Microsoft Teams is an application created to receive notifications in Microsoft Teams about updates in your LeanIX workspace. The LeanIX App for Microsoft Teams replaces the LeanIX Notifications App. With the LeanIX App, users can authenticate using their LeanIX credentials within Microsoft Teams, ensuring a secure method for receiving workspace notifications.

This page provides guidance on configuring the integration of Microsoft Teams in LeanIX and adding the LeanIX App to Microsoft Teams.

Configuring Microsoft Teams Integration



This section is relevant to users with admin rights, as only a LeanIX Admin can access and modify settings in Discovery & Integrations. Any changes made in this section impacts all users of the workspace.

To learn how to add the LeanIX App in Microsoft Teams, see the section Adding the LeanIX App in Microsoft Teams.

Accessing the LeanIX App in Microsoft Teams is based on your Microsoft tenant ID. The tenant ID is a globally unique identifier (GUID) distinct from your organization's name or domain. Your Microsoft tenant ID is used to map your workspace within our service. This connection ensures you receive the login card for your workspace in the LeanIX App. Provide the tenant ID during the configuration.

To configure the integration, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Integrations.

  2. Against Microsoft Teams, click Configure.

    Configuring Microsoft Teams integration in LeanIX

    Configuring Microsoft Teams Integration in LeanIX

  3. In the Account Configuration tab, enter the Tenant ID.

  4. Click Send Test. When you click Send Test, a test notification is sent to your LeanIX App, provided it has been installed. To learn how to install the LeanIX App in Microsoft Teams, see the section Adding the LeanIX App in Microsoft Teams.

    Setting Microsoft tenant ID

    Setting Microsoft Tenant ID

Overview of Microsoft Teams Users

The Users tab enables you to view the list of all users who have installed the LeanIX App. Administrators can access this tab by navigating to Administration > Integration > Configure (Microsoft Teams).

Overview of LeanIX Chat Bot users

Overview of LeanIX App Users

Adding the LeanIX App in Microsoft Teams

Adding the LeanIX App

LeanIX App can be added to your Microsoft Teams from the Apps section in Microsoft Teams. To add the LeanIX App in Microsoft Teams:

  1. Go to Apps in your Microsoft Teams.
  2. In the search bar, search for LeanIX.
  3. Click Add.


You can also directly download the LeanIX App through this link: Microsoft AppSource.

Adding LeanIX App to Microsoft Teams

Adding LeanIX App to Microsoft Teams

Activating Notifications

When the LeanIX App is added to Microsoft Teams, you receive a welcome message along with the option to log in. You can authenticate using your LeanIX credentials.

Log In to Workspace

Log In to Workspace

To log in and activate notifications, follow these steps:

  1. Click Log In to Workspace. A browser overlay appears, showing the domain selection.

  2. Verify your domain URL. If it doesn't match your LeanIX domain URL, update it and click Login.

    Update domain URL

    Update Domain URL

  3. Enter your login email ID and password to log in. This authenticates your details and takes you to the workspace selection page.


Requirement of Microsoft tenant ID

Logging in is determined by your Microsoft tenant ID, and the mapping of tenant ID is handled by LeanIX workspace administrator. Once your tenant ID is verified, you willl see a login button that directs you to the workspace instance. If your tenant ID mapping is not found, you are prompted to check with your admin and update the tenant ID. In such a scenario, contact your LeanIX admin to set up the tenant ID information.

Requirement of Microsoft tenant ID

Requirement of Microsoft Tenant ID

Upon successful login, you receive the Let's get started message. Notifications are now activated for the selected workspace in Microsoft Teams.



If you have trouble logging in or switching workspaces, you can get a new login card by going to the help section and choosing Login or Switch workspace.

Clicking Help provides options to switch your workspace and to mute notifications. Typically, you have one workspace to select; if you have multiple workspaces, you can choose the one for which you want to receive notifications by clicking on Switch Workspace in the help card and following the same login process, as explained before.

Switching Workspace

Switching Workspace



You receive notifications only for actions performed by other users, not for your own actions.

Managing Notifications

To adjust notification settings, click Open Notification Settings. To learn more about configuring notifications, see Notifications.

Users with Admin rights can further configure notifications from the Notification Center. If you want to stop notifications for a particular workspace, disable the Microsoft Teams toggle in the Notification Center. To learn more, check Notification Center.