“Collaboration is key” - is what LeanIX believes in. It is important to get users engaged in LeanIX to contribute to, enrich, and validate their data - and thereby accomplish their To-Dos, answer surveys, or look at relevant changes in the application.

Therefore the fifth tab in all LeanIX Enterprise Architecture workspaces now is the place for our collaboration features.


Currently, it holds To-Dos, but features like surveys or in-app notifications will follow for it to become the central place at LeanIX for collaboration and user engagement.

The To-Dos dashboard panel remains unchanged and redirects to the collaboration tab for the full view of all To-Dos “created by me” and “assigned to me”, as well as the To-Dos notifications, which now point to the collaboration tab directly.



We will constantly enhance this section with updates on future releases, features, and tips on how you can use LeanIX for collaboration.