SharePoint Integration


It is possible to embed LeanIX reports in Sharepoint using an iframe (inline frame). Sharepoint supports iframe embedding from its 2013 release onward with the use of an iframe tag.

Access the Report Code

To get started, access the report in LeanIX that you would like embedded in Sharepoint.

Click the ellipses button on the top right-hand corner of your report, and then select the option "<> Export as Embed code".

You will be provided with the following iframe code, reflecting the url of your specific report:

In Sharepoint Set LeanIX as an Approved Domain

In order to limit the possibility of an issue with the display of the iframe, it is recommended that LeanIX be added as an approved domain. You can do this via the "Site Collection Administration Section" and by selecting "HTML Field Security".

Embed the Report

Access the "Embed Code" option within the appropriate Sharepoint page:

Paste the code you copied from LeanIX: