Consistent filtering

Circumstances of consistent filtering

Using filters on relations or the 'Advanced Search' to filter on relation fields requires a certain explanation of the functionality.

In case users filter on relations (e.g. all Applications with Customer DataObject) the resulting table contains also relations that do not match the filter in the case at least one relation to that Fact Sheet type matches the filter.

If users filter on relation fields (e.g. all Owner UserGroups of Applications) the result of that query is a list that shows all Fact Sheets having at least one matching value in any of the relations (e.g. all Applications with at least one Owner UserGroup).
To interpret the result sufficiently it is important to know that the result contains related Fact Sheets not matching the filter value, if at least one relation matches the filter (e.g. the relations to User UserGroups if the Application has at least one Owner UserGroup relation).

It is significant to understand that this functionality is consistent for filtering on relations as well as filtering on relation fields and in context of the inventory as well as in the context of reports.

Inventory table with filter on relations


Inventory table with filter on relation fields


Report with filter on relation fields



Strict filter option

Knowing that this consistent filter logic could lead to misinterpretations of certain reports (e.g. showing User UserGroups with an active Owner UserGroup filter) LeanIX is planning to provide an option for a strict filter on relations which would mask the not matching relations.

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