Google Cloud Platform Modeling Best Practices

Google Cloud Platform (IaaS)

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is a service model that delivers computer infrastructure on an outsourced basis to support enterprise operations. Typically, IaaS provides hardware, storage, servers, and data center space or network components. The following diagrams show an example of how to model services of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as an IaaS solution in LeanIX. In this case, a sample web application called “GCP web application” uses several IT components, which represent popular services of GCP. Each IT component is connected to its respective Technology Stack and the Provider. As an example, we see that “GCP web application” uses the service "Google Cloud Dataflow" for data analytics and virtualization purposes. The first model shows the Technology Stacks on its lowest hierarchy level, while the second model uses the LeanIX roll up functionality, which shows the full hierarchy of the Technology Stacks.

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Import Template

You can get your own copy of the Google Cloud Platform import template here and kick-start your Google Cloud Platform modeling with LeanIX.