Planning Transformations for SAP Solutions

Link business capabilities to Reference Business Architecture to view suggested SAP solutions and automatically plan transformations with Architecture and Road Map Planning.


When you have linked business capability fact sheets to the Reference Business Architecture, various combinations of SAP applications that best support a business capability are grouped into options and offered as suggested SAP solutions. To learn more, see Reference Business Architecture.

With Architecture and Road Map Planning, you can choose a suggested solution and automatically prepare transformations to roll out or introduce the relevant applications.

Suggested SAP Solutions Listed in Business Capability Fact Sheet

Suggested SAP Solutions Listed in Business Capability Fact Sheet



Suggested SAP solutions are only available for the level 3 business capabilities from the reference business architecture.

Planning Transformations for Suggested SAP Solutions

To plan a transformation for a suggested SAP solution, go to the Transformations tab of the business capability fact sheet, click Plan transformations for the chosen option, and follow these steps:

  1. Create an Initiative: Transformations are created on a new initiative fact sheet. Modify the initiative's name to suit your needs. Optionally, set the initiative subtype and link a parent fact sheet if the rollout is part of a larger initiative.

    Creating an Initiative From the Suggested Solution

    Creating an Initiative From the Suggested Solution

  2. Define the Milestone: Set a date for the milestone at which the suggested SAP solution is expected to be implemented. This is required for visual analysis in reports. If the exact date is unknown, set a placeholder date, and you can update it later as more accurate information becomes available.

  3. Select Applications: A suggested SAP solution may include one or several suggested applications. Choose the applications you want to roll out for the corresponding business capability.

    • If you already have application fact sheets matching a suggestion, select them for the business capability. This creates a transformation of type ‘Rollout Application’. To learn about various transformation types, see Transformation Templates.
    • If no matching application fact sheet exists, a new fact sheet is suggested for creation. This creates a transformation of type ‘Introduce a New Application’.

You can add more details later by editing the initiative, such as specifying organizations or setting predecessors, etc.

Selecting the Applications

Selecting the Applications

After confirming your choices, click Create Transformations. A new initiative fact sheet with relevant transformations will be created. You can find the created initiative fact sheet in the Planned Transformations section below.

Further, you can gain clarity, visualize target architecture, compare scenarios, and monitor progress using reports and roadmaps. To learn more, see Working with Reports and Roadmaps.