Step 6. Start the Initiative

This step is to ignite all the different projects coming out of your application rationalization initiative. Since you established LeanIX as the single source of truth for applications and cloud migration, drive it further and initiate the actual migration.

As we strongly believe in a federated approach to enterprise architecture, we advocate that the responsibility of documenting those changes should lay with the respective stakeholders (domain/solution architects, project manager, etc) in the long run. An enterprise architect can help ignite the process and provide guidance.

Make sure to bring all stakeholders together to look at the involved Fact Sheet and ask:

  • Will the functional and technical fit improve?
  • What will the future hosting type be?
  • Will the lifecycle change?
  • Which IT components will change?
  • Etc

Whenever you can document current or future changes to an application's architecture, bring it into LeanIX. Future changes can be documented with the LeanIX Architecture and Road Map Planning and used to analyze your application rationalization initiative. LeanIX Architecture and Road Map Planning help you to execute your defined TIME strategies.

Use Transformations to model your target landscape and see the effect:

  1. Allocate an application to the respective project Fact Sheet (e.g. ‘application rationalization initiative/eliminate/wave 1’)
  2. Go to the Project Fact Sheet and its Transformation tab

  1. Click New Transformation
  2. For example, select the template Decommission Application for the Eliminate candidates or Change Application Technology for the Migrate candidates (the transformations depend on your defined remediation strategy per TIME classification)

  1. Insert all planned Transformations and save it

Planning these transformations allows you to apply them to your IT landscape without changing any current information in your LeanIX inventory. Once the applications are decommissioned/migrated/etc, you can click Execute to make all transformations effective immediately.

By inserting multiple transformations with various completion dates, you can model a layered approach to your Application Rationalization project (e.g. decommissioning an application country by country).

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