Custom Report: Workspace Best Practice

Trusted partners create and share Custom Reports with others on LeanIX Store. The Workspace Best Practice Report is one such example which outlines a set of standards for best practices, which can be used to assess and improve your workspace. By adhering to these standards, you can optimize data quality and enhance overall workspace performance.



The Workspace Best Practice Report is not available by default. Users with Admin rights can install the report from the LeanIX Store for no additional cost. If you are a Member/Viewer, contact your Workspace Administrator to have access to the report.

Instructions on how to add this report from the LeanIX store can be found in the later section of this document.

What is Workspace Best Practice Report?

The Workspace Best Practice Report facilitates users in assessing the quality of their workspace, thereby enhancing the usability of LeanIX features and simplifying navigation, particularly for non-key users. The report offers a comparison between the values extracted from the user's workspace and the recommended standards of LeanIX Best Practices, thus providing valuable insights into areas where data quality can be enhanced.

How to make use of it?

The Workspace Best Practice Report contains five distinct categories of indicators, namely: Business Capability hierarchy, User Group hierarchy, Application completeness, UX settings, and Tagging.

The hierarchy sections provide recommendations for structuring workspaces in a way that enhances usability, minimizes the need for expert knowledge, and reduces maintenance requirements. By following these guidelines, user can create clear and user-friendly Matrix and Landscape Reports that effectively convey sophisticated information.

The Application Completeness Section assesses how well the Application Fact Sheet is maintained and integrated into the data model. The sections UX Settings and Tagging show how well the workspace is tidied and by that how easy it is to navigate through LeanIX for non-key users.

Users can further learn about each indicators and Best Practice Guidelines by simply clicking on the indicator. Best Practice Guidelines box opens up with further explanation of the selected indicator. When there is room for improvement, in the same information box, a link is provided to take the users directly to Inventory, Dashboard, Tagging menu etc. to make necessary entries.

The Status column turns to green, yellow, or red, based on the level of adherence to the corresponding best practice standard. The color green represents complete adherence, color yellow suggests there is room for improvement, while the color red implies a need for significant improvement. The Value column displays the indicator's value extracted from the user's workspace, while the Best Practice column showcases the recommended standard for optimal practices.

How to add the Workspace Best Practice Report to your Workspace

To add this report to your Workspace, go to LeanIX Store by clicking on Store icon in the menu. In the store find and add the Workspace Best Practice Report or you can simply click on the following link to arrive at the Workspace Best Practice Report page.

Click on Add to Workspace or Add to Multiple Workspace depending on your needs. Agree to Terms and condition and finish adding it to your Workspace. Once the Report has been added, it has to be activated and made available in the Reports.



Please note that the newly added reports might take up to 3 minutes to properly process all your data in the workspace.

To activate the report go to Administration Settings, and under Advanced Settings click on Reports. The newly added Workspace Best Practice Report will be visible in the list of added reports. You can hover over the report and click on Show report icon to to make it visible in the Reports section of your Workspace.

Now at the end, if you have made the mentioned settings you should be able to find the Workspace Best Practice Report in your Reports in Other section. Reload the page once in your workspace if needed.