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As part of the LeanIX Best Practices for Tech Category and for the Lifecycle Catalog, LeanIX is using the Technology Business Management (TBM) Council’s TBM Solutions layer version 4 (TBM Taxonomy - TBM Council) as our Tech Category. The Tech Category Catalog, as part of the Reference Catalogs, is the LeanIX solution to enable LeanIX users to easily adopt the TBM Solutions layer as their standard taxonomy.


The objective is to enable you, as LeanIX users, to adopt the TBM Solutions layer as the Tech Category taxonomy for workspaces, in a self-service manner. The Tech Category Catalog allows you to perform:

  1. Excel Export
  2. Import TBM
  3. Switch to TBM Taxonomy for Lifecycle Catalog customers
  4. Setup and Manage Taxonomy

How to get the Tech Category Catalog?

You can opt-in to use this under the Admin > Optional and Early Access Features > Tech Category Catalog. By activating the feature, you would have access to the following:

  • Adds a new "Catalog Status" to the Tech Category Fact Sheet to indicate whether it is linked to the Tech Category Catalog
  • Excel export to understand TBM Taxonomy and define your Tech Category taxonomy with recommendations from TBM, where available
  • Import TBM Taxonomy
  • Switch to TBM Taxonomy for Lifecycle Catalog customers - COMING SOON
  • Setup and Manage Taxonomy - COMING SOON

Excel Export

The Excel Export provides a description of what TBM Taxonomy is and a view of the customer’s workspace with TBM Taxonomy. The excel represents this on a high level for the existing Tech Categories and also on a more detailed level, for every IT Component. (IT Component assignment is only visible for our Lifecycle Catalog customers). This enables customers to decide whether to adopt TBM Tech Categories, in a complete or partial format.

How To Access Excel Export?

Once the Tech Category Catalog feature is activated, you can go to Admin > Reference Catalogs > Tech Category Catalog

How can you use this to define taxonomy?

By reviewing the TBM solutions layer taxonomy with its definitions, you are encouraged to answer the following:

  1. What is the TBM Solutions layer?
  2. Does the TBM Solutions layer meet the customer’s criteria for a standard Tech Category taxonomy?
  3. At a high level, how does my taxonomy compare against the TBM Solutions layer?
  4. Does my current taxonomy have more or fewer details than the TBM Solutions layer?
  5. What would the mapping to my IT Components look like, now vs. once I adopt the TBM Solutions layer?
  6. Do I want to manage the Tech Category assignment for my IT Components or would I like LeanIX to manage this?

Based on the above factors, then you can decide:

  1. Whether you want to adopt TBM or not?
  2. If Yes, do you want to adopt TBM wholly or partially?
  3. What does the final Tech Category taxonomy look like?

After deciding on the Tech Category taxonomy, the next step would be to Import TBM and then Assign IT Components to the TBM Tech Category.

In the next months, Lifecycle Catalog will be sunsetting the Legacy Tech Category assignment to IT Components and move towards TBM Taxonomy. Customers choosing NOT to adopt TBM Tech Category are encouraged to define a Tech Category taxonomy that is right for their organization as LeanIX moves towards TBM Taxonomy, in the coming months.

Import TBM

In this release, we provide a mechanism for customers to view all TBM hierarchies, and import these to their workspaces from the Admin section under Reference Catalogs > Tech Category Catalog > Import TBM

By clicking on Import TBM Button, customers can view the entire TBM Solutions taxonomy. They can select Tech Categories with hierarchies and import to the workspace by clicking on the “Import & Link” button on the top right. The “Import & Link” action imports any non-existent Tech Categories (along with their full hierarchy) and links existing Tech Categories to relevant entries in the Tech Category Catalog. Such a linking allows for automatic assignment of IT Components to Tech Categories based on configuration in the Lifecycle Catalog.

Assign IT Components to TBM

APM customers can now start using the TBM Solutions layer by assigning their IT Components to the TBM Taxonomy. A detailed explanation for the TBM hierarchies and examples are also available in the Excel template to assist with this process.



For TRM customers, Automated Solution - COMING SOON!

Lifecycle Catalog customers can start importing TBM hierarchies in their workspace, if they choose to but Lifecycle Catalog will NOT assign IT Components to TBM.

An easy two-step process to switch from the existing legacy tech category to TBM would be available in the tool shortly. This would help customers to import all TBM Tech Categories, assign IT Components to TBM and delete the legacy Tech Category, seamlessly with minimal effort.

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