Self-Service Portal FAQs

1. Why should I use the LeanIX Self-Service Portal?

The LeanIX Self-Service Portal extends users a way to link EA data to approve/quality assure new software orders and contextualize technical support tickets. This portal offers LeanIX users more opportunities to troubleshoot problems autonomously, and can be configured by admins quickly and with a variety of filters.

2. What is the main benefit of using a Portal in my company?

With the Self-Service Portal feature, we support EAs in making their data available to a broad audience outside the IT organisation. For example, create an Application Portal that is accessible to everyone to order software, issue support tickets, or find application knowledge.

3. Can I configure more than one Self-Service Portal?

Yes, if you are a LeanIX Admin. The system supports more than one portal when settings are defined by an Admin user. Every portal can have different settings and different Fact Sheet types.

4. How do I configure a Self-Service Portal in LeanIX?

To configure a Self-Service Portal in LeanIX you simply have to go to Administration > Self Service Portal. Select New Portal to create a new portal, or click on an existing portal name, to edit an existing portal.

Please have a look here for more details.

5. How do I order new software on the Self-Service Portal, once configured?

Please have a look here for details on how to use the portal.

6. What do “Approval” or “Status” mean, once I ordered new software on the Self-Service Portal?

The Approval state marks whether you need approval to request the software or not.
The Status shows whether the software is available for requesting or not.

"approval" : "Approved" - "status" : "Available"
"approval" : "With Limitations" - "status" : "Available"
"approval" : " " - "status" : "Approval requested"
"approval" : " " - "status" : "Approval denied"

7. Can I change filters on the Self-Service Portal?

Depending on how the filters are configures by the Admin, Business Capabilities or other Fact Sheet fields can be set as filters/tags.

8. How should I configure Request links in the Self-Service Portal?

Request links must be defined on the Resources tab of the Fact Sheet, by selecting Ordering Form, Additional Help, FAQ etc. If a new resource type is required, please contact our Customer Success team.

9. Can any Fact Sheet type be used in the Self-Service Portal?

Yes. Any type of Fact Sheet can be used if defined on Self-Service Configuration by an Admin.

10. How do I add or change a Self-Service Portal Name?

A Portal Name can be defined either when setting up a new portal, or when editing it. This is a mandatory field and is available in the Basic Configuration interface under the Portal Header section.

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