The new to-dos lay the groundwork for accomplishing manual steps in the upcoming Automations feature. Users can assign to-dos to another as well as receive and work on their own assigned to-dos at one central point in their inbox. Admins can enable the feature in the ‘Optional Features & Early Access’ tab in the admin section. To-dos are also required for SaaS Discovery and will be enabled when opting in for the former.



‘Action item’ and ‘Answer’ to-dos replace the old Reminder and open comments in the Dashboard widget. In addition, the old to-do panel is enhanced by being able to switch between the new to-dos to access the inbox as well as the legacy to-dos.

A new panel “My Surveys” has to be added to all respective Dashboards to see all running and incoming surveys.

Setting up to-dos via Self-opt in

Workspace admins are able to opt-in to use to-dos in the respective workspace. To do so visit the administration section (Profile icon > Administration) and choose “Optional Features & Early Access” in the Add-ons section, where you will find all optional features and those in early access to opt-in yourself.



If “New to-dos and actionable inbox” is not available, please contact the support.


Find the “New to-dos and actionable inbox” and click “Activate”.


In the modal, read thoroughly through the additional information given and click “Activate” again.

Opt-in modalOpt-in modal

Opt-in modal

If an error occurs, please contact customer support.After successful activation, the feature will still be visible in the opt-in list and be listed as “Active”.

How does the new to-dos work?

To-dos are created either manually (like Action Item and Answer) or automatically (like Import and Link in SaaS Discovery). If they are created manually, the creator (and creation date) is visible in the expanded view of each to-do. Most to-dos rely on a “base Fact Sheet” they are referring to. To-dos appear in the inboxes of all assignees set in the creation process. Additionally, all to-dos referring to a certain Fact Sheet are shown in the to-do tab of a single Fact Sheet and are visible and actionable there for everyone in the workspace - also for non-assignees. Using the "Select assignees" button users can add or remove users from the list of assignees and therefore also forward to-dos. Using the “Claim” button users and assignees can set a to-do into progress and thereby mark the intention to complete it. Closing operations on to-dos are:

  • Mark as Complete (on Action Items)
  • Reply and Close (on Answers)
  • Link (on Links)
  • Create and Link (on Imports)
  • Reject (on Imports and Links)Once a to-do is closed and the page is refreshed, they disappear from the inbox as well as the tab.
To-do role and status logicTo-do role and status logic

To-do role and status logic

To-do types

Create Action items

An action item is the most generic form of a to-do. It can be created manually on any single Fact Sheet. There are generally two ways to create action items.


Navigate to the Fact Sheet that requires an action item.


Either click on More Actions > Add Action Item or Navigate to the to-do tab of the FS and click the button “Add Action Item”


Insert to-do name and optionally a description, assignees (dedicated users, multiple possible) and a due date (if none is chosen, the default is 7 days)


Click “Add” to create the to-do, have it assigned and appear in the inboxes of the assignees to take over.


To forward an action item or generally change the assignees, navigate to the list entry either in the inbox or the tab and click to expand, click on "Select assignees" and add or remove users from the list and save.


To accomplish an action item, navigate to the list entry either in the inbox or the tab and click to expand. Click "Mark as Complete" to close the to-do.

Answer and post a question

You can now differentiate between posting a simple, informative comment in the comment tab and delicately asking a question, and e.g. inform the Fact Sheet subscribers of it.There are generally two ways to create Answer to-dos.


Navigate to the Fact Sheet where you want to post a question.


Either click on More Actions > Ask Questions or Navigate to the to-do tab of the FS and click the button “Ask Question”


Insert to-do name (the question you want to be answered) and optionally a description. The Answer to-do is assigned to the Fact Sheet subscriptions (Accountable and Responsible), which you can change in the dialog, with a configurable due date of 7 days per default.


Click “Add” to submit the question. Answer to-dos will then be assigned and appear in the inboxes of the chosen assignees to take over. Questions (and the Answers) will also be logged as a comment on the Comment tab for tracking.



If to-dos do not directly appear in the tab or the list of to-dos simply refresh the page.

To accomplish an answer navigate to the list entry either in the inbox or the tab and click to expand. Insert you answer and click "Reply and Close" to close the to-do and post the answer to the thread in the comments.

To-do on the Dashboard

As soon as the feature is activated successfully, every user will find their to-dos listed on the dashboard. The existing to-do panel now shows the new to-dos.As the remaining old to-dos will not be migrated, you can nevertheless switch back to the legacy panel deactivating the toggle in the upper right corner of the to-do panel.



If the switch does not appear (anymore) on your to-do panel, there are no legacy to-dos remaining to switch to.

On the new to-do view In the panel, you will find those new to-do assigned to you, e.g. Action Items, Answers, Import and Link to-dos, that are due soon.Clicking on “Show more” will open a full-screen modal inbox to see all of the to-dos. Here you can accomplish all your to-dos at a central point. In collapsed mode, the list gives you the following information about each to-do:

  • Icon + Title: The icon represents the to-do type (incl. a tooltip on hover). The (unique) title describes the nature of the to-do to accomplish
  • Fact Sheet: If a to-do is based on another Fact Sheet (like Action Item and Answer), the base Fact Sheet is displayed in the Fact Sheet column, also clickable
  • Assignees: Lists all assigned users of the to-do, if multiple, on hover
  • Claimed by: If applicable, the user who claimed a to-do is shown here. It is empty as long as no assignee or other user has taken responsibility yet. A to-do will also be shown in the inbox of a user when they have claimed it and were not assigned before.
  • Due: Indicates the days until the to-do is due. If overdue, it additionally tells how many days it is overdue already. The inbox and tab are sorted by the due date
  • Status: It can be either ready, in progress, or closed. Closed to-dos will vanish from the inbox
Clicking on a single to-do in the list expands it. Based on the type, more information, e.g. the description, creator, creation date and actions to perform are displayed as buttons.

To forward a to-do or remove yourself from the list, use the "Select assignees" button and change the assignees based on your needs.

To-dos on the single Fact Sheet

All to-dos that are based on another Fact Sheet are shown in the new to-do tab. The tab gives users all the abilities of the to-do inbox, except that the base Fact Sheet column is not available. Users that are originally not assigned to a to-do can nevertheless see and act on it here. To-dos that are due soon are also shown in the right-side panel. On click, the to-do tab is opened and respective to-do opens up in expanded mode.

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