LeanIX Metrics helps you to display KPIs and their development over time in the context of the right Fact Sheet.

Metrics Overview

In modern IT organizations, a wide range of expert tools generate high amounts of data. The big challenge is to leverage this data. According to Gartner, 90% of the information assets from big data analytics efforts through 2017 will be siloed and unleveragable. LeanIX Metrics allows to display time series data in the context of Fact Sheets and thereby establish a useful business context.

With LeanIX Metrics, you can store time series data in LeanIX and create interactive charts to display the data. In addition the data can be linked to Fact Sheets, presented on the Dashboard or be displayed within the "Reports" area.

Best Use

The following whitepaper gives you a case study and 5 concrete scenarios on the use of LeanIX metrics:

LeanIX Metrics - Data is Only Valuable in the Right Context

Developer Resources

Import your first metric

To import your first metric, go to API Explorer - Metrics EU or USA customers please navigate to API Explorer - Metrics USA

You need to generate an API Token by using the Technical User functionality and enter it on the top right to execute queries directly from the API documentation.

In the API Explorer, you can see all the available actions.

Use this code snippet in createPoint service to create new points with measurement name "My First Metric"

    "measurement": "My First Metric",
    "workspaceId": "<your workspace ID>",
    "time": "2018-02-14T07:15:00.544Z",
    "tags": [{
            "k": "factSheetID",
            "v": "<your fact sheet ID>"
    "fields": [{
            "k": "Availability",
            "v": "99"
            "k": "ResponseTime",
            "v": "123"
            "k": "NumberOfUsers",
            "v": "12"

You need to adapt and to your context. Now, go to Admin -> Metrics, and you should see the first measurement.

Export data from Metrics

Similarly, we provide an endpoint to export data from Metrics via API: API Explorer - Metrics EU, USA customers please navigate to API Explorer - Metrics USA.

You would need to provide a query, e.g. to get all available data for a certain fact sheet ID:

  "q": "\"factSheetID\"='<your fact sheet id>'",
  "workspaceId": "<your workspace ID>"

Use Python

We provide a showcase python implementation here:
LeanIX Metrics Python Script to import metrics

API Documentation

For more details on the Metrics API and supported functionalities, have a look at the technical tutorials:
LeanIX docs: Metrics

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