Respond to a Survey

Learn how to respond to a survey as a recipient

Surveys Response Form

The Survey Response Form is what survey recipients receive and view. The email notification includes a link directing them to the Survey Response Form. Alternatively, recipients can access the survey directly through the Survey tab of the relevant Fact Sheet.

Surveys tab of the Fact Sheet

Surveys tab of the Fact Sheet

Layout and Features

We will explore the key features of the Survey Response Form and how it can be used to collect valuable data effectively. We will also provide a step-by-step guide on how to use the new form to ensure that users can navigate it with ease.



The following section describes the newly introduced Survey Response Form. The redesigned survey response form is more intuitive and user-friendly, enhancing the efficiency of the survey process. This improvement is expected to boost the overall quality and accuracy of survey data.

Survey response form

Survey response form

Left Sidebar: The left sidebar displays a list of all Fact Sheets in the survey, indicating the completion status of each with a green check mark. The left sidebar facilitates easy navigation between Fact Sheets. This allows efficient tracking of progress, aiding in completing the survey and ensuring that you don't miss any questions.

Progress bar: The progress bar at the top of the page offers an overview of completion by displaying the number of submitted Fact Sheets. This feature helps monitor progress and stay on track during the survey.

Submit: Use the Submit button to submit completed answers for the active Fact Sheet. Note that this button is Fact Sheet-specific and is not for the entire survey. Once submitted, the Fact Sheet becomes read-only. However, If changes are necessary, you can press Edit and provide your response again.

Mandatory Questions: Survey creators can set any question as mandatory, and these questions are indicated with an asterisk at the end of the question. As a respondent, you must answer mandatory questions to complete the survey. If you try to submit the survey without answering them, you will be prompted to ensure you have answered them. An exception is when a Fact Sheet field or relation connected to a mandatory question is already populated with a previous value. In this case, you will be able to submit the survey without making any changes.

Auto-save: The auto-save feature prevents data loss in the event of survey interruption or accidental closure of the browser window. Users can resume their progress without the need for manual saving.

You can check the results of the completed survey in the Surveys tab of the related Fact Sheet. In the Surveys tab of a Fact Sheet, you will also get an overview of all surveys related to that Fact Sheet.

Survey results in the Surveys tab of Fact Sheets

Survey results in the Surveys tab of Fact Sheets

When you answer survey questions that have Fact Sheet element input fields, the responses are directly updated in the Fact Sheet itself. You can oversee such updates in the Last Update tab of the Fact Sheet.


Update Permissions

The survey response form fully considers users' update permissions configured in the Meta Model. As a survey recipient, when you lack the needed permission on a surveyed Fact Sheet, you see a read-only status on the fields, denoted by a lock icon and accompanied by a tool-tip message.

Differences between Old and New Survey Response Forms

  • The new Survey Response Form no longer supports the Reuse answers feature. This feature allowed respondents to reuse their answers for multiple Fact Sheets but has been dropped to enhance the overall accuracy of responses.
  • In the old Survey Response Form, if Fact Sheet information remained unchanged, it appeared as empty fields in the results. In the new Survey Response Form, when respondents submit a Fact Sheet, it implies agreement with all provided information. Consequently, survey results will not show empty fields if the corresponding Fact Sheet fields are unchanged or unedited.