Step 3. Create Transformations

Now that you have your Transformation roadmap planned, let's explore how to add Transformations to the projects in LeanIX.

The LeanIX Architecture and Road Map Planning offers a range of Transformation templates derived from hundreds of customer examples and best practices, with automatic impact classification, for common transformations. These templates will save you a lot of time while creating your roadmap.


The transformation templates are categorized based on application-centric and interface-centric changes to assist users in defining high-level modifications on their landscape. As a result, your transformation items or projects are linked to all affected Fact Sheets. More templates will be added in the future.

Applying these Transformations is also simple. Consider you want to introduce a new SaaS application to replace an on-premise application. Which, of course, falls under the Repurchase strategy, and say you want to introduce it in Wave 1 of your project. We are considering the ‘Cloud Transformation 2025’ project as an example here.

  1. Go to Inventory and select Cloud Transformation 2025 / Repurchase / Wave 1 Project Fact sheet,
  2. In the Fact sheet, under the Transformation tab, click on New Transformation.
  3. You will see a list of all predefined Transformations, from which you select Introduce New Application, as that is our purpose here in this example.

  4. In the new Transformation template, fill in the necessary fields. For the Completion Date, you can pick from existing Milestones to sync with dates from your roadmap.

  5. If the new Application being introduced is already known and has been populated in your inventory, you can pick it from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, you can simply create a new Application Fact Sheet and add the other details later.

  6. Fill in other fields, such as the Business Capabilities it is related to, where it is being introduced, and what you want to do with the old Application in the Predecessor Handling drop-down menu and click save.

In this way, Transformation templates in LeanIX Architecture and Road Map Planning simplify and streamline the process of application modernization, making it more coherent and manageable. The Architecture and Road Map Planning gives the advantage of modeling lifecycle data in advance, reducing the manual effort needed to apply the changes at the actual time of implementation. By adding a completion date with milestones and by defining the transformations (as branches of your active architecture), you can visualize these impacts in the target architecture view.

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