Collibra Integration

WHY: Overview and Benefits

Accurate, reliable, and real-time data availability is central to enhancing data-driven decisions in organizations. If your organization uses Collibra Data Catalog for data governance, the LeanIX out-of-the-box integration allows you to enhance data governance by ensuring that Enterprise Architecture is aligned with Data Architecture. This and other related articles provide an overview of the benefits of the integration, what data is synced between Collibra and LeanIX, how to activate it, and how to sync data from Collibra to LeanIX and vice versa. All of this is possible without coding!

The following are the benefits of the integration:

  • Increased transparency by understanding where the data is mastered and how it flows through the IT landscape
  • Complete visibility into data ownership and improved accountability through automated mapping of data owners from Collibra to LeanIX
  • Expanded data accessibility by eliminating data silos and leveraging data across the enterprise while maintaining sound data governance

WHAT: Scope of the Integration and Data Sync between Collibra and LeanIX

Collibra EDC (Enterprise Data Catalog) application gives a comprehensive overview of the metadata / all data assets in the organization, making it convenient for users to find, describe, govern, and manage data.

Integration Overview

The current integration of LeanIX Enterprise Architecture with Collibra EDC provides the following:

  • Ability to sync conceptual data layer from Collibra Data Catalog to Data Objects Fact Sheets in LeanIX
  • Synchronize names, data hierarchies, categories, descriptions, and relations between Data Assets into LeanIX Enterprise Architecture to enable an analysis of data usage and data management down to the application/interface level.
  • Map responsible owners of the data assets from Collibra to Subscriptions in LeanIX.
  • Map Application Fact Sheets from LeanIX Enterprise Architecture to Technology Assets in Collibra DC

The Collibra integration can be activated by the workspace admin within the Integrations section in the admin area as follows.

How to Activate the Collibra Integration

The Collibra Integration is available to all customers with the LeanIX Application Portfolio Management. Key steps to activate the Collibra integration:

  1. Go to the Administration area
  2. Select Integrations in the left-hand panel. Here you have the possibility to configure and activate the Collibra integration for your LeanIX Enterprise Architecture workspace.
  3. Click on Configure to do so.

Configure the Integration

Let's have a look at the configuration page: It is structured in two tabs, the Credentials and the Configuration. Let us go through them one by one.

In the Credentials tab, you can enter the credentials you want to use to connect to your Collibra instance. Set up a dedicated user or reuse an existing one that is allowed to connect to the API and can read the required data as described in more detail for the respective use case.

  • Domain Enter the domain of your Collibra Instance, without a schema or trailing slashes. So, for example, if you open Collibra in the browser via, then please just enter
  • Username Please enter the username of the user you want to use to connect to your instance
  • Password Enter the password of the user

Save the credentials and continue on the next pages to learn how to configure the mapping of the Conceptual Data Layer to LeanIX or the mapping of Applications to Collibra.