Make LeanIX work the way you want

Configuring the Settings give you the chance to make the workspace work the way you want in regards to the most fundamental functionalities. Nevertheless, you have an overview of these setting on one single page.

Adjust the Tagging Mode

While Tagging is a powerful functionality for categorization within LeanIX you are able to define, how users are able to add new Tags to Fact Sheets. LeanIX differentiates between three ways of Tagging.

  • On-the-fly tagging
  • Pre-defined tag groups OR On-the-fly tagging
  • Pre-defined only

The drop-down menu provides you the options to choose the mode, that suits your needs the most and offer a brief explanation.

You will find more detailed information on Tagging in our section Use Tags for more powerful insights.


Best Practice

"On-the-fly tagging" might lead to an extensive usage of unstructured tags, especially during the initial data load or in distributed organizations. Thus we recommend to make up your mind about defining Tag-Groups that fit your purpose and setting the standard to "Pre-defined only".

Set the Default Report

Under "Default report" you are able to choose the report that is shown as soon as you enter the "Report Section" in LeanIX (e.g. Application Portfolio, Application Matrix, IT Component Landscape).

Choose your Currency

Here you can change the currency that is displayed in the according reports and fact sheets. Be aware that the values will not be changed, when you change the currency.

Subscription Mode

When you want to add subscribers to a fact sheet you are also able to choose a subscription role (or leave it open). Here you have the chance to make it mandatory to choose a subscription role while subscribing users to fact sheets.

You can jump to the respective section to set your pre-defined user-roles right away.



Make sure that you have defined subscription roles for Fact Sheets if you set the subscription mode to required. If not you will not be able to choose a role from the drop-down menu in the Fact Sheet and you will receive an error.

Subscription Types

You are able to choose from different subscription types here. By default, we offer the two subscription roles, while a third one can be added optionally.
1. Observer: This role will receive information about changes of this factsheets or is able to receive surveys but is not in charge of maintaining the Fact Sheets information actively.
2. Responsible: Subscribers with this role are supposed to be in charge of maintaining the data quality of a Fact Sheet. In addition to the observer, you will e.g. be informed when a Quality Seal is broken.
3. Accountable: As there can be multiple responsible persons subscribed to a Fact Sheet, we give the option to add "Accountable" as a subscription type. There can only be one accountable user per Fact Sheet. So if you want to display organizational accountability on a fact sheet you are able to use this subscription type, too.

In the "multiple subscriptions" section you can define whether a user can be subscribed to a Fact Sheet multiple times.

Additional Settings

In addition to the options mentioned above you can do the following:


Data Privacy: You can choose whether you are able to search for user subscriptions on name basis ("Relaxed") or if you just see them while looking explicitly on the Fact Sheet ("Normal").


Getting Started Guide: Link that leads you to information on how to getting started with LeanIX. By default it will lead you to the LeanIX prodct documentation. But you are able to link your own content


User Documentation: Link will by default lead you to the LeanIX product documentation. You could change this link, although we strongly recommend to keep it, as this page is a valuable source and will be updated regularly.


Help Tours: If you check this box, every user will be guided through our "Help Tour", if this has not been started before.


Support E-Mail: This is the email adress which is called when you press the "Support" button that you see on every screen in the bottom-right corner of your workspace. Leave both this and the field "Support URL" empty, if you want the "Support" button to disappear altogether.


Support URL: This is the URL which is called when you press the "Support" button. Leave this field empty and use the field "Support E-Mail" instead, if you want the "Support" button to point to an email address.


Selected Support Method: This non-editable field shows either "E-mail" or "URL" as method of support.

Workspace Snapshot

It is possible to make a snapshot of your current workspace and clone all your data to e.g. a sandbox workspace. To do so, the checkbox in this "Danger Zone" needs to be checked. Only if the checkbox is checked, Customer Support is able to write data from another workspace into this workspace.



To make sure that snapshot data will never be written into a workspace unintentionally the box should be unchecked by default.

Idle Timeout

After a certain period of inactivity, a user gets automatically disconnected from LeanIX. This period can be configured in the settings with the Idle Timeout Duration. After disconnecting you will be forwarded to a screen where you have the option to log in again.



Setting the duration to 0 Hours and 0 Minutes disables this feature.

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