Configuring Conceptual Data Layer Mapping to LeanIX

The integration allows you to map your Conceptual Data Layer from Collibra to LeanIX.

Choosing the Source Communities

To configure the synchronization of the Conceptual Data Layer from Collibra to Data Object Fact Sheets in LeanIX, you first need to choose the Communities from Collibra.
In the Conceptual Data Layer Mapping tab, set this mapping to active and select the Communities from the Communities drop-down menu as shown below.

The integration will scan these Communities for all Sub-Communities, Domains, and Assets and will create a Data Object Fact Sheet for each of them using the following rules.

Hierarchy & Naming

The name of the created Fact Sheet will be the name that the corresponding object has in Collibra. The display name of the Fact Sheets will be derived from the following hierarchy:

  • For each Sub-Community, the corresponding Fact Sheet will get a “relToParent” relation to its parent Community
  • For each Domain, the corresponding Fact Sheet will get a “relToParent” relation to its Community
  • For each Asset, the corresponding Fact Sheet will get a “relToParent” relation to its Domain


Maximal Hierarchy Level

Make sure to adjust the Maximal Hierarchy Level of your Data Object Fact Sheet Type to an appropriate level.

Category of the Data Object

The integration will try to find a category of the Data Object Fact Sheet type that is equal to the Asset Type that was used in Collibra. If it cannot find one, it will leave the Category field empty.

Filtering Assets for Type & Status

The integration allows to filter which types of assets (being subtype of either Business Asset or Data Asset) will be mapped to your LeanIX workspace and also which status will be considered.

Only assets with one of the selected types will be mapped. In case you do not choose any status, all statuses will be considered.

Mapping Fields

The integration allows you to map attributes on your assets from Collibra into fields on your Data Objects.
The integration supports mapping various Attribute Types from Collibra into different Field types in LeanIX. For more details, please refer to this table.
In case you select a Selection on both ends, you can also define how the values are to be mapped.

Subscriptions on the Data Object

You can choose to map any Responsibility that the integration will find on a mapped Community, Domain, or Asset into subscriptions of type Responsible in LeanIX. To do so, you may choose any of the roles that are available in Collibra and map it to any role within LeanIX that is applicable to the subscription type Responsible for the Data Object Fact Sheet Type. The Create Users is utilised for controlling the creation of missing Collibra users in LeanIX. If the checkbox is selected, the missing Collibra Users will be created in LeanIX. In the case where checkbox is not selected, the missing users will not be created.

The integration will only consider implicit responsibilities and ignore inherited ones. It will also resolve user groups and translate them to the corresponding individuals.

Relations between the Assets

In case you use the “groups” relation between your assets, you can decide to map it into your workspace as one of the available "many-to-many" relations for your Data Object. For example, you could choose to map it into the “required by” relation in LeanIX.

Now that you have your Conceptual Data Layer mapped to LeanIX, how about mapping your Applications to Collibra?