Mandatory fields in the inventory

Inline Table Editing/ Export

Users can set the state of the Quality Seal for a defined Fact Sheet Type within the Inline Table Editing to ‘Approved’, ‘Draft’, ‘Rejected', 'Broken'. After a Fact Sheet is approved, it is not possible to empty it (but edit it) as on the Fact Sheet Details Page. Mandatory fields need to be filled, in order to approve FS in this view as well.


Integration & APIs

All field values can be read and updated via graphQL and API-based Export and Import. All operations to empty mandatory attributes of approved fact sheets or set the lxState field to approve will follow the same rules as we see on the Fact Sheet Details page.

BTM: transformation execution

If a transformation affects a field that is set as mandatory in the Factsheet, the execution will fail.


We do not support mandatory fields in surveys yet, so it is possible to finish a survey without having mandatory attributes filled. However, you will still see the red asterisk indicating mandatory attributes.