Seeing a Complete Data in a Report

Sometimes one or more Fact Sheets are not included in Reports due to missing data. Does this message look familiar?


To make sure you see a complete Report, and no Fact Sheets are excluded due to missing data, have a look at the document below. It gives you an overview of all standard Reports in LeanIX and shows which Fact Sheet Types, relations, and attribute fields are needed to make them complete.


Application Landscape views

Technology Risk view:

Technology Risk considers the following aspects:

  • The lifecycle of the assigned IT components and their children
  • The lifecycle of the children of the application and their children, both applications and related IT components.

When the application is shown red, somewhere in the tree there must be an application or an IT component whose lifecycle has expired and which has a valid relation to that application.

Because it is a little complex to identify the IT Component with expired lifecycle via UI, the two possibilities available are GraphQL or Visualizer.

FAQ from reports

  1. My application in the Interface Circle map is not displayed and the lifecycle is active. Why is that?
    Answer: The Interface Circle Map report is having the logic that applications with only one Interface (provided/consumed interfaces) with "end of the lifecycle is making the application not being displayed.