Inline Editing


This feature is available for every user in a workspace with sufficient rights.

Enable Inline Editing

In the Inventory of you LeanIX workspace, you are able to activate Inline Editing in the top right corner by clicking on "Edit".

Edit Fact Sheets

Once you activated the Inline Editing you are able to edit Fact Sheets out of the inventory list.
By simply clicking into a field you are able to update information over multiple Fact Sheets without having to open them all.


Not all fields can be edited using the Inline Editing

Greyed out fields cannot be edited. For more information please see the "What fields can be edited" section.

What fields can be edited

Some fields cannot be edited for multiple reasons.
Calculated fields like the Display Name are generated by certain rules and cannot be edited.
Relations are not available yet.

Fields that can be editedFields that cannot be edited
- Text
- Number
- Single- and Multiselect
- Date
- Tags
- Subscriptions
- Fields on relations
- Quality Seal*
- calculated Fields (e.g., Display Name)
- Relation
- Documents


*You can only edit Quality Seal on the Inline Editing when you filter the Inventory to a specific Fact Sheet.

Ways how you can edit

  1. Correct content / add content
    Click simply into a field
    -> overwrite/ complete your input

  2. Copy+Paste
    Click simply into a field
    -> right mouse button "copy from Table" and "paste to table" at another location

  3. Fill the same content from one cell into all others
    Click simply into a field. You can see in the cell, at the bottom right a small quadrat.
    -> Drag this square (a plus sign appears, like in Excel) as far down or up as you like
    -> all following cells will be filled like the first one

  4. Change lifecycle date via calendar view
    Click simply into a field. You can see in the cell, on the right a pale arrow pointing downwards.
    -> Click on it and a calendar will appear in which you can change the date

  5. Multi-select Fields
    A) e.g. Business Criticality
    Click simply into a field.
    -> Double-click on the Business Criticality, a Criticality selection will appear. Here you can exchange the Risk
    B) e.g. Tags
    Click simply into a field.
    -> Double-click on the tag, a tag selection will appear. Here you can exchange the tag
    -> or create a new one. Just start typing and click on "NEW".

Save changes

Once you have made changes to the Fact Sheet in the inventory, the total count of changes appears in the top left corner of the inventory table.

All the changes you made are highlighted in a yellow bar.

If you are sure that everything is correct, you are now able to save the changes by clicking the Save button in the top right corner

Saving not possible?

A red "X" will appear at the beginning of the line on all fields if the change cannot be saved.

If you click on the "X" you will see the reason, and you can correct it.


Change a Tag Group in "Mandatory" afterwards - make sure that all applications have a Tag

For Admins: If you set "Mandatory" for a tag group afterwards and you want to make changes in Table Edit now - make sure that all applications have a Tag of this mandatory tag group.

If not, all your changes/ changes from Member cannot be saved.
It would display the following error message:


  • /tags, Fact Sheet "X" is not tagged with tag from mandatory tag group "Y"