Discovery & Integrations

Overview of the "Discovery & Integrations" category in the administration area.

The Discovery & Integrations category in the administration area includes the following sections.

SectionDescriptionAdditional Information
API TokensImportant: Personal API tokens are deprecated. Use Technical Users instead.
In this section, you can find values of the WorkspaceId and UserId attributes.
Technical Users
Developer ToolsResources relevant for developers: developer documentation, GraphiQL tool, and OpenAPI Explorer for REST APIs.- Developer documentation
- GraphQL API
IntegrationsOut-of-the-box integrations with external systems available for configuration.Out-of-the-Box Integrations
Integration APIInterface for configuring processors of the Integration API.Integration API
MetricsConfiguration of custom metrics and KPIs using time series data.Metrics
Reference CatalogsConfiguration of Reference Catalogs, a feature that allows you to standardize and manage common data elements across your application portfolio.Reference Catalogs
SaaS DiscoveryConfiguration of SaaS Discovery, a feature that allows you to automatically discover your organization's SaaS applications by configuring integrations with third-party systems.SaaS Discovery
Sync LoggingSynchronization logs of integrations.Synchronization Logging
Technical UsersConfiguration of Technical Users associated with API tokens.Technical Users
WebhooksConfiguration of webhooks that allow you to listen to events in LeanIX.Webhooks