Best Practices & Templates

We provide initial templates for the most prominent use cases in EA to start running your surveys and get the insights you need to make data-driven decisions.

Where to get LeanIX Survey Templates?

To help you get started with the survey functionality, we have created different templates that can be accessed from our Store.

As soon as you enter the page to set up the surveys, the second tab covers the templates that leanIX offers. The list is empty, as we allow you to freely decide which templates serve your use cases, and you can synchronize only those.

Click on the button "Browse LeanIX Store" and you will be redirected to the available survey templates


Template configuration list in the workspace

How to configure it?

Select one of the use cases you would like to explore. The use cases go from Application Rationalization (TIME) to An assessment of the technology standards.


List of available survey templates in the Store

And then, just simply "Add to Workspace"
This action will create the survey in your workspace, so you could then edit it to your needs and then select the scope to be sent.


Description of a survey template

If the action was successful, you will see the survey under the list of "templates" and you can create a new run based on it.


template list

Once you initiate the creation based on the template, the designer will open, and you could start defining the questions and the scope as a regular survey.