BTM - Transformation Items and Details on Impacts

Gain Transparency of Transformation Initiatives

Use the Transformation Landscape to

  • Achieve a holistic view from a strategic to a granular project based level
  • Prioritize initiatives based on multiple factors
  • Filter down to an Objective to find out what the initiatives are helping achieve
Transformation Landscape clustered by Objective (T-Shirt Estimate)Transformation Landscape clustered by Objective (T-Shirt Estimate)

Transformation Landscape clustered by Objective (T-Shirt Estimate)

Plan Your Roadmap to Transformation Success

Plan the execution roadmap of your transformation in an absolute or relative schedule with the Transformation Roadmap report, and identify how an Objective is being achieved, a Business Capability is being improved and which User Group is involved in the roadmap.

  • Identify conflicts and tie loose ends
  • Understand which initiative is sequentially dependent on others
  • Modify the schedule of an initiative by dragging the Start or End time
Transformation RoadmapTransformation Roadmap

Transformation Roadmap

Plan and Model Scenarios to Transform IT

Model changes to the IT architecture as Impacts

  • Select the Transformation Item Fact Sheet that will alter the current architecture
  • Go to the Impacts tab and add an Impact group
  • Under the Impact group, document changes to architectural artefacts
Transformation Item Fact Sheet: 'Impacts'Transformation Item Fact Sheet: 'Impacts'

Transformation Item Fact Sheet: 'Impacts'

Break-down of all Impacts Modelling Options

Visualize Target Architecture & Compare

Visualize changes on your target architecture with the Application Landscape report:

  • Choose a scenario or an initiative
  • SHIFT+Click a point in the future to compare
  • Visualize all changes across your IT architecture
Application Landscape with Differential ViewApplication Landscape with Differential View

Application Landscape with Differential View

Understand The Total Cost of Transformation

Use the Transformation Cost report to

  • Understand which initiatives cost the most and the least to execute
  • See the break down of the costs from Plan to Project
Transformation CostTransformation Cost

Transformation Cost

Get Buy-In from Leadership to Meet Objective

Use the Investment Distribution report to

  • Understand the investment distribution for an objective across several plans
  • Help leadership decide on which investment will drive success
Investment DistributionInvestment Distribution

Investment Distribution

Decide the Ideal Scenario or Plan

Prioritize the perfect plan based on a simple, two-dimensional Transformation Portfolio report:

  • Perform a value-risk analysis
  • Know instantly which initiatives to immediately focus on
  • Showcase value to your leadership
Transformation PortfolioTransformation Portfolio

Transformation Portfolio

Track the Progress of Initiatives

Track the progress of implementation with the Transformation Landscape report

  • Select View: Status
  • Choose scenario or plan
  • Use colour code to interpret progress across all initiatives
Transformation LandscapeTransformation Landscape

Transformation Landscape

Execute Impacts at Completion of Initiatives

Execute changes to the baseline architecture

  • Select the Transformation Item factsheet that will alter the current architecture
  • Go to the Impacts tab and click on Prepare Execution
  • Select the ones you require to make permanent and click on Execute
Transformation Item Fact Sheet: 'Impacts'Transformation Item Fact Sheet: 'Impacts'

Transformation Item Fact Sheet: 'Impacts'

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