CAST Highlight Integration



Please reach out to your CSM for further details on the integration setup.


The Cast Highlight-LeanIX EAM integration allows detailed analysis of the business technology support in the context of business criticality, business capabilities, technical & functional fit, and technology risk. The integration allows you to rely on the scoring system performed by the CAST Highlight and use the data to help you assess and evaluate your applications in LeanIX. As one of the scores, the cloud readiness score can be used in LeanIX to evaluate, which applications should be migrated to the cloud and when.

App Modernization & Cloud Migration Use Case

This integration can help address many use cases, one of them being cloud migration. Here you will see how LeanIX and CAST Highlight works really well in harmony and how they can help you in your cloud strategy and in your cloud migration journey.

CAST Highlight is a great tool for understanding the application in-depth and understanding the software by doing code analysis and getting code insights. CAST Highlight performs automated application portfolio analysis on the application level based on technical source code analysis and business stakeholder surveys. Based on the analysis it provides for each application a cloud readiness score and recommends the most suitable cloud migration strategy (6R model).

LeanIX EAM has strengths in understanding the broader context. LeanIX provides full as-is transparency of an enterprise architecture by visualizing dependencies between business, application, data, and technology architecture. With its strong business transformation management capabilities, it helps to plan transformation scenarios and allows to project their impact on the enterprise architecture.

The LeanIX EAM connector for CAST Highlight synchronizes application analysis results automatically

View on CAST Highlight

CAST Highlight provides information on an application from the software health, agility, and many more.

You also have access to see more detail of the code insights here. By having the integration, this information will then feed through LeanIX.

CAST Highlight analysis data explained

  • CloudReady: The CloudReady Index measures the readiness of the applications to migrate to the Cloud-based on software blockers and the organizational context of an application.
  • Business Impact: The Business Impact Index measures the criticality of an application to the company’s business. The index is derived through specific online survey questions concerning application impact on the business. These questions capture key data points such as the number of major releases; the volume of end users; and the impact of application failure on revenue loss.
  • Software Elegance: The Software Elegance Index measures the ability to deliver software value with less code complexity. A low Software Elegance score indicates decreased quality in the code resulting in higher defects that become costly to fix in the mid-term.
  • Software Agility: The Software Agility Index indicates the easiness of a development team to understand and maintain an application. This index is derived through technology-specific code analysis that searches for the presence of embedded documentation and code readability good practices.
  • Software Health: The Software Health Index indicated how the application complies with programming best practices that increase resiliency, improve agility and reduce complexity. Software Health score is the straight average of Software Resiliency, Software Agility, and Software Elegance scores.
  • Software Resiliency: The Software Resiliency Index indicates programming best practices that make software bullet-proof, more robust, and secure. This index is derived through technology-specific code analysis that searches for the presence of code patterns and bad programming practices that may comprise the reliability of the software in the short term

View on LeanIX EAM

With this detailed information, you can perform analyses in LeanIX, then you can get the aggregated information, and the aggregated scores, which will then use to make our decisions for our cloud strategy.

This information is also available directly in the Application Fact Sheet, where this can be helpful to understand where it may be easier to move when you have many roadblocks that would indicate too much effort to move into the cloud.

LeanIX Reports

LeanIX EAM reports provide comprehensive views for cloud migration planning leveraging CAST Highlight analysis data

LeanIX Portfolio Reports

Categorize and visualize applications in regard to their cloud migration potential

LeanIX Landscape / Matrix Reports

Visualize dependencies of identified cloud migration candidates with business capabilities and use groups

CAST Highlight Reports

CAST Highlight reports provide detailed findings and recommendations for individual applications

CAST Application Code Insights

Provide detailed recommendations for application code improvement based on community standards on programming best practices

CAST Application CloudReady Code Scan Results

Provide details about identified cloud roadblocks and effort estimates for correction