Setup instance or Switch instance


The instance is the domain on which the workspace is hosted. For example, if your workspace link is https://, then your instance is customer-domain.
As an example, if you have this URL:, then your instance URL is and your workspace is CSIDemo.

Once defined, the instance configuration will be retained for future logins. However, you can always switch the instance from the app settings.


Once the instance is defined, hit the “Login with email” button to proceed to log in to LeanIX. Login to the LeanIX EAM mobile app should work in the same manner as you access your web application.

  • If you use a combination of email and password to access the LeanIX web application, you should see the login form
  • If you have set up a custom SAML-based configuration or SSO for your organization’s users, the “Login with email” button should guide you to your organization login page or the SSO provider page.
  • If you have MFA setup for your LeanIX access, such MFA prompt should also come up on your mobile devices

Workspace selection

Once successfully logged in, confirm the selection of the workspace to proceed. Based on the instance selection above, all the workspaces that you have the access to should be visible on this screen


User role access & permissions on the mobile app will be the same as the role and access restrictions in the web application defined on the selected workspace.