Migration of invalid field values

Notification to update certain field values of Fact Sheets in the Meta Model Configuration

LeanIX products are based on GraphQL query technology. Updates to GraphQL have changed naming specification to make them more restrictive. This means some name values in Fact Sheet fields are now invalid.

To keep our product and its APIs up to date and deliver new features, we need to ensure all existing values in workspaces are compliant with the latest GraphQL specifications (e.g., don't contain white space or special characters). Therefore, invalid technical values of single- and multiple-select fields need to be updated in the 'Migration' tab in the Meta Model configuration of your EAM workspace by July 1, 2023.

Why has this now become important?

In the initiative to unify our Search APIs (see the roadmap item), which unlocks a lot of new functionality such as the OR-Operator, filtering on numeric and date values, additional sorting capabilities as well as leveling up our custom report frameworks, we have come across the demanding requirement to upgrade our GraphQL infrastructure. Concretely this means that we can only offer the above-listed features when workspaces solely have valid field values in their Meta Model.

What makes values invalid?

The GraphQL specification defines the following guardrails:

  • Values cannot include whitespace or special characters (e.g., '@!#?<>'), except underscores ('_')
  • Values must be unique within a field
  • Values must not start with more than one underscore (e.g., _) or with a number (but can include numbers)



Only the technical values of field names are affected. Therefore, the field value’s labels in the user interface won’t change.

Example of values for a single-select field in the Meta Model Configuration of the Application Fact Sheet.

Example of values for a single-select field in the Meta Model Configuration of the Application Fact Sheet.

How to identify and migrate invalid technical values?

Admins of all affected workspaces are notified on the Meta Model Configuration page in the admin area about the amount of invalid technical values.
The 'Migration' tab shows an exhaustive list of invalid values and suggests how to fix the naming (e.g., replacing white spaces or special characters with '_'). Suggestions can be overwritten with individual input while validation of the guardrails above is applied. When all values have been corrected, they can be updated simultaneously.



  • Saved searches with filters based on invalid values won't return results anymore and therefore need to be updated.
  • The required change of values may create the need to update them in systems connected via API integrations. API calls exporting data will return the new values and importing API calls sending the former incorrect values will result in an error.
  • When executing the migration, the workspace will temporarily be in read-only mode leading to error messages when users try to save edits, so we recommend performing it outside outside of office hours.


Action Required

Please take action by July 1, 2023. After that day, a migration will be executed that automatically applies the recommended values to all affected workspaces.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.