Roadmap - Visualise changes over time

Roadmaps are an essential tool in planning business transformations as they provide a visualization of the time aspects of your projects and initiatives - such as, when does a project start and what are the important milestones.

Visualizing changes over time

The roadmap in combination with BTM provides a way to visualize the impacts that are planned using transformations over time. Whereas other reports allow you to jump only to certain points of time in the future to visualize the to-be state the roadmap adds the time dimension to it.

With that, you can see how certain aspects of your landscape change over time due to the selection of one or more Projects (or Transformation Items).

Here you can find quick guidance on how to visualize changes over time using Roadmap.



This new mode is available for roadmaps of all Fact Sheet types except “Project” or “Transformation Item”.

Project Selector

On top of the roadmap, there is a project selector button. Here you can choose the set of projects for which you want to see the impacts on your items in the roadmap.



As of Q4 2022 the visualization of changes over time in the roadmap only works for changes on relations, which will be visualized when using drill-downs.

Additional settings

In the settings modal, you can only see Fact Sheets that are actually affected by the projects you have selected with the project selector.

Step 1: Open the settings modal

Step 2: Enable the setting as shown below


If you click on a Fact Sheet in the report, the side pane will open with an additional section that displays all the projects that affect that Fact Sheet

Visualizing dependencies

With BTM, you can use the Roadmap to display dependencies. The roadmap is able to display two different dependencies.


The block/blocksBy dependency is displayed via a start-to-end line.


The requires/requriedBy dependency is displayed via an end-to-end line.

If the dependency is met the line will be grey. If the dependency condition is not met the line will be highlighted in red.