GBTEC Integration

LeanIX has a technical integration available from GBTEC for their BIC. Using this technical integration of the BPM tool BIC and the EAM tool LeanIX, GBTEC enables the reciprocal transfer of corporate processes and IT architecture.

Companies that use BIC Process Design as their central repository for process information and depict their IT landscape in LeanIX are ensured of non-overlapping, bi-directional exchange of process and IT data with BIC for LeanIX. This means more transparency and higher data quality. The depiction of common core data - free of redundancies - eases not only the cooperation of teams but also improves data-based analyses and decisions within the complex IT environment.



The LeanIX integration with GBTEC is managed by the GBTEC. LeanIX only provides the API (Inbound and Outbound) which can be found in the LeanIX Store. A Technical User will need to be set up which is used by GBTEC. For details of this integration, please refer to their official website or contact the GBTEC representative/CSM.