Smart Indicators

Find out how your LeanIX statistics compare to other organizations that use LeanIX.


Opting in to the Smart indicators

LeanIX is about to change the process for the opt-in to use derived data to a contractual opt-in for both legal and transparency reasons. While users are still able to opt-in to Smart Indicators through "Administration > Advanced Settings > Data Usage", we will require a contractual opt-in later on. There will be a grace period to allow existing users of Smart Indicators to get the amendment for derived data usage in place. For more information, see

LeanIX gives you the option to enable this setting and make your workspace part of the Smart Indicators program.

LeanIX will use your workspace data in anonymized aggregations to foster smart indicators based on global averages and will make such smart indicators available to you.

You can opt out and remove your workspace from the Smart Indicators program at any time.

Enable/Disable Smart Indicators on your workspace

To enable or disable this setting, go to Administration --> Settings and tick/untick the Smart Indicators Enabled box.

How it works when Enabled

When Smart Indicators is enabled, the Smart Indicator Dashboard will become available on the Dashboard tab. Each indicator displayed on the dashboard shows the current workspace's indicator values as blue bars. The grey area in the background represents the average of the indicator across all customers participating in the Smart Indicators program. This allows users to both track the development of each indicator over time and compare their indicators with other companies.

LeanIX will start collecting indicators when the feature is activated. This means that you will only see today's indicator values when activating the feature. Check back in the next days to track your EA efforts.



For information on how each smart indicator is calculated a brief introduction is featured in the "About the Smart Indicator Dashboard" section of the dashboard. Furthermore, should you have questions regarding individual indicators or the program in general feel free to contact your CSM.

What data is used for calculation?

The smart indicator feature calculates indicators based on aggregated Fact Sheet properties and metadata, such as the number of applications in a workspace or the average functional fit across all Fact Sheets in a workspace.

Identifiable Fact Sheet properties such as IDs, names, descriptions or comments are not included in the calculation.

Which information is shared with other workspaces?

The indicator results are used to calculate an average across all participating workspaces. No other information but this average value is shared with and displayed in other workspaces.

To further protect information from individual workspaces, the average across participating workspaces is calculated and shared only if at least 10 workspaces have the feature activated and provide their indicator results.

Does the feature use or affect any personally identifiable information?


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