Step 7. Start the Migration

You might argue that starting the operative migration might not be a task for Enterprise Architecture, but we beg to differ. Since you established LeanIX as the single source of truth for applications and cloud migration, drive it further and initiate the actual migration. Make sure to bring all stakeholders together and have a joint look at the involved Fact Sheet:

  • What will the future hosting type be?
  • Will the lifecycle change?
  • Which IT Components will change?
  • etc.

Whenever you can document current or future changes to an application's architecture, bring it into LeanIX. Specifically, future changes can be documented with the LeanIX BTM module and used to analyze your cloud transformation.

Use Transformations to model your target landscape and see the effect.

  1. Allocate an application to the respective Project Fact Sheet (e.g., Replatform / Wave 1)
  2. Go to the project Fact Sheet and its Transformation tab
  3. Click New Transformation
  4. For example, select the template "Change Application Technology" or "Custom Transformation"
  5. Insert all planned transformations and save it

Planning these transformations allows you to apply them to your IT landscape without changing any information. Once the applications are re-platformed, you can click Execute to make all transformations effective immediately. By inserting multiple transformations with various completion dates, you can model a layered approach to cloud migration (e.g., having intermediate steps to the cloud).

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Author and expert: Sandro Recknagel, Senior Consultant at LeanIX (Professional Services)

Academy course: Section 3B - Cloud Migration Course (only available for LeanIX customers and partners)