Step 5. Evaluate Data



We use a custom algorithm to produce a 6R recommendation scoring system in this example. The LeanIX Professional Service team developed the algorithm based on projects with multiple customers. Please reach out to our Customer Support for further information.

Now you want to evaluate the data you can find in your Application Fact Sheets. You can do that by scanning the application Fact Sheets manually and making decisions for each application. LeanIX Professional Services offers a way to automate this process for you. By implementing a custom 6R algorithm, LeanIX can give you automated recommendations to easier choose the most suitable cloud migration per application. This way, you can leverage the 6R scores as a conversation starter with your stakeholders because everyone needs to argue for and against specific options.

However, in the end, always ensure you align this decision with the stakeholders. As discussed, cloud transformation is a task for IT and business. Get everyone on board and then document this decision in LeanIX as a single source of truth.

Once you have documented all 6R for your applications, revisit your target KPIs. By comparing the current state and target state of the hosting type, your cloud journey ahead becomes even more visible. The below charts are a must-have for every management dashboard.

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Author and expert: Sandro Recknagel, Senior Consultant at LeanIX (Professional Services)

Academy course: Section 3B - Cloud Migration Course (only available for LeanIX customers and partners)